Future City Assignment by Laskar


Meaning :  The word future city is formed by 2 words Future, city.

Future  means, a period of time regards as still come, that is not present.

City – An urban settlement with population 1 lakh or more (according to Census of India).

So combindly a Future City is make a planning for future to build a city.

My Future City :

A city that is prosperous in its facilities. Its beauty, its management, communication and its standard of life, which fulfill the ultramodernized facilities and accordant with the legendary imagination of future generation. It would as dynamic as complex, as the human behaviors and his nature.

Salient Features :

According to my vision/future imagination a future city. Green Queen may construct with following characteristics.

Location : Selection of location is the most important factor because most of the facilitative factors are changed, depending on location. We may take as independent variable.

  1. i) Climate : Generally hot and humid climate is more suitable for people. If we see the population picture of the world (Population distribution). Most of the people are live in hot humid climatic zone.

Ave temp. = 200 – 250 C

Ave rainfall = 100 – 125cm

  1. ii) Landform/Physiography :- Obviously in plain land and should be located nearer to coastal area to get suitable climate and easy transportation.

iii) Vegetation : A belt of vegetation  should have near the coastal and outer border of the city, which protect from any climatic hazard (like cyclones) and also it plays as a filter of city atmosphere.

  1. iv) Soil :- Ofcourse coastal fertile alluvial soil, not rocky like peninsular India.

Settlement Type :-

            Different settlement types should be developed. (i) Along the road  side linear. (ii) Along park and nodal area circular.

Building size :- Building size would be varied from outer side to city centre. Along the roads, from outer side it should be lower (1 to 2 floor) and in middle 3 floor and near city centre 4th – 5th floor in city centre. Administrative buildings should be more higher about (10 – 12th floor).

In middle portion around part and lake middle size buildings should be located.

Green Building :- Building should be energy efficient and Eco-friendly. Every building should have solar panel system on its root for electricity supply of that building.

Drainage : A well drainage system should required for the city. Totally ot would be a sub-surface drainage system.

All the building must be linked with smaller drains and smaller drains link with the large high drains that flow to the nearest sea or ocean.

During rainly season to make quick and easy drain the slope of the area should be formed uniclinal from entre to outer sides, and make linking are the drains and high drains with surface.

Transportation :- The city transportation system should be highly developed including – Air transportation, Roadways, Railways, Metro-Railways, Mono-Railways and also water ways.

To link within the city areas Roadways, Railways, Metro Rail, Mono Rails are main transportation system.

And to interlink with outer areas Roadways, Railways, Airways and Water ways are more efficient. Instead of private transportation I want to design public transportation system in more better way.

Educational System :-

Educational system should be highly modernized in my future city. Educational institutions will be established nearer to the city main nodal areas (small towns) and connected with well transportations system.

(i) Class Room Teaching :- Class room should be smaller teachers should be highly educated and experienced.

Syllabus should make by teacher discussing with the students.

All digital facilities required to find out the required information in the classroom.

  1. ii) External Teaching :- Every day at a certain time a tell class should be held by the institution for the students and similarly another class for the guardians.

Health Facilities :- Health facility also should be highly developed. Within every 10 km distance. A special hospital and health centre has to be developed. They are well served for 24 hours by different shifting doctors and where ambulances facility will be available for 24 h. There  would be a Moving Health Centre in every nodal area and also surrounding areas-for 24 h that will provide the medical facilities in every moment in emergency.

Particular road will be separated for emergency medical facility.

Energy Facility :-

Total area will be developed by Eco-friendly energy and renewable energy solar energy will be produced from each building, that will be made by solar photo voltaic plate.

Wind energy from nearest sea coast tidal and  water energy also will be developed from sea coast.

In different vehicles there will a system which is the best option.

In day time solar energy engine provide energy for each vehicle.

Along the road side within the grown but with the interval of 2 meters a Jolar Panel has to be constructed.

Pollution Free Area :-

Totally the area will be a pollution free zone no use of fossil fuels. No vehicular emission of GHGS, No  use of plastic polythin.

Green will be developed in the city along the road side area of settlement and in open spear.

Human used garbage will be recycled and reused. In stead of plastic polymer, polythin-another eco-friendly product must be used there.

Instead of fossil fuel-solar, wind tidal, energy will be used for energy supply.

Entertainment :

For city entertainment in every open space there will be pare be side him a water body (Lake).

Different malls cinema hall, clubs are also developed in the middle centre of the settlement.


Digital Life Style :-

An Ultral Modern digital life style will be drawn in my future city.

  1. Education facility, also will be digitalized use of projected aids must be increased. Instead of black board in class room there would be 3D projector to show the pupils any event and any relevant discussion more and more efficiently.

In case of absence of any student in any class should be sent to his home in audio-visual way.

  1. Health facility, also will be digitalized any inner operational work should be done digitally such as Heart operation, Brain operation etc.
  2. Digital entertainment, facilities also required.
  3. In our everyday life Robot Workers are needed such as cooker. Hour worker, driver singer etc.
  4. In lighting facility, it would be also modernized Automatic lighting system should be required which automatically starts in the absence of sunlight and off in the presents of sunlight.
  5. Road ways – There will be developed Self-cleaning roads: that automatically cleans the road with proving sea water.

To  connect one road to another there will be construct Super fly over.

  1. Antificial Rainfall system – in dry weather and in order to get beautiful environments : by using AgBr in artificial cloud.
  2. Artificial Patrolman – In every time to protect me city beauty and its people Artificial patrolman also developed that provide the protection service in each nodal area as  well as city inner area.
  3. Satellite System : – A satellite also will be developed which provide each every time the condition of my city.
  4. Administrative System :- There will be an administrative system in my city. That will be efficient for everyone totally the system will be for developing purpose and blessing to the people.



Green Queen

Morphological Structure :- The morphology of my future city Green Queen will divided into certain segments. The overall outer structure will be Circular or Elliptical.

Centre :-

  1. In the middle portion it is the centre of the city. Where an Air Transportation System will be developed.
  2. Around him there will be established Administrative Centres, buildings etc. and will be connected by Digital Road ways.
  3. This portion will be covered by Green Belt.

2nd Zone :-      This area will be consisting by some Nodal Points (Smaller Towns) Where every Nodes will be connected with Metro Roil in sub-surface area. And they will be connected with main centre by Mono Rail.

And from every Metro Station to difference settlement zone i.e. in inner portion will be connected by Road Ways.

And from every nodal point, High Road will be connected to the outer areas.

  1. Along the road way in both side Green belt.
  2. In middle portion (Inner area) there will be a park 0) any section, beside the Park will be a lake, and around, it different entertainment place will be established.
  3. Around the parse Settlement Patches will be developed in circular pattern. And will be covered by Green Belt.
  4. Educational institution will be established in the corner, nearer to the Nodal area.

3rd Zone :-

  1. Here also in different section in centre there will be an open space park. Around if settlement patches will be developed.
  2. There will be some Agriculture field, in the edge areas that fields will be practiced for Truck Forming.
  3. And This total city. Area will be covered by the Green Belt.

Outer Area :-

In the outer side in Sea Ward Side there will be developed some Industrial Zones.

And its opposite side there will be developed City Agricultural Belt. From where different Agricultural Products will be supplied through road transportation in every day.

Also different usable industrial products will be supplied from industrial zone.

Conclusion :-

According to my perception and Mental imagination I have drawn any future city. Based on India’s Ist planning city Chandigarh and New Kolkata (New Town) where any requirements and ultra-modernized Urban facilities with more eco-friendly and specific way.

I think a future city should be developed in this way.

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