City Trio Vision by Ghazia Musarrat Ashna

Defining the City Trio


“The Techno Turf”

            This is the main city, full of technologies, facilities, available institutions, congestion, and population that is the main and the most important elements of the time.

“The Aqueous Niche”

            This is the adjoining city, that has its origin underwater. It is used as an alternative when resource population becomes unstable.

“The Thriving Cosmos”

            This is third and the final city, which is nothing but the restoration of ‘The Techno Turf’. It is the purest city of that time among all the three.


            The world is changing fast. Cities are growing and urban population is rising. The need for urbanization, transportation and infrastructure is increasing, and so is congestion, is pollution, road accident and climate change. We need more mobility but in a smarter way.

            Undoubtedly, technology will overpower humans in the coming centuries, but the pace will have variations and so will be the discrepancies of development between today and the coming days…

            Let me tell you that according to a survey of more than 350 artificial intelligence researcher, it is said that machines will outperform humans in all tasks within 45 years. This estimate is said to be much true i.e. more than 50% chances are there./ In fact we are bent on merging our reality with the fabric of artificiality, so much that tremendous research is underway in the areas of virtual reality, artificial intelligence etc.  At the same time there is prediction regarding the increasing technology and its repercussion which also seeks explanation, and for rare there will be a time when man will decide to survive and spend life in the purest and virgin state of the nature, away from all sort of technological innovations and development.

            I would like to present a nutshell presentation of how my future city will look like.

            Briefly speaking, there will be 4 distinct stages in the cities sprawl, development and growth layout of mine. There is discussion about the developmental activities in two forthcoming centuries, i.e. 22nd and 23rd centuries. The first half of the 22nd century is the period of take-off, the 2nd one is the stage of boom. Then comer the 23rd centuries which will incorporate stagnation in its state and the last decades of the 23rd century will be the era of restoration.

            There are 3 habitable city in my assignment

  • ‘The Techno-Turf’
  • ‘The Aqueous Niche’
  • ‘The Thriving Cosmos’

Stages of Development

22nd Century                                                         23rd Century

Take-off                                                                  Stagnation

Boom  Restoration

The City Layout..

            The name of the city is ‘The Techno Turf’ which is the main habitable land, followed by ‘The Aqueous Niche’ that is the alternative habitat and the 3rd one is the ‘The Thriving Cosmos’ that is the outcome of renunciation and realizaiton.

            Let us have a bird’s eyeview of ‘The Techno-Turf’ although virtually. My design of the future city revolves around a single quotation.

            “I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world”.                                               – Albert Einstein…

Morphology of the City…

            This stage is basically the time period of 22nd century which shows the stage of city layout and sprawl with the technological growth and innovations.

            Let us deal with each of the important components of the city.

  1. Building structures :

            Over the centuries engineers and the architects will for sure device every new ways for taller, stronger and more beautiful creations using game changing materials.

            The city building will be have skyscraper and superstructures. The buildings and population ratio will be kept in mind and so will be the accommodation ratio. There will be fixed number of dwellers in the city i.e. ‘The Techno Turf’. If after some decades the population increases, the marrer will be shifted to the another adjoining habitat i.e. ‘The Aqueous Niche’. It will be a place constructed under water with suitable environment.

            Building materials used would be completely technical. Sensors will be everywhere. All the tasks would be done automatically. There will be temporal connectivity between all the buildings in order to avoid crisis and hazards.

  1. Drainage :

            Drainage according to me will be a throughout laid connection between all the sub-drainager and the main drainage line. There will be detectors identifying chocked materials, filtering those and transporting those to different chambers and use them if recyclable. The main drainage line will be connected to a vacuum station where all the solid garbages will be stored, this station will be connected to a different on i.e. the thermal hydrostation where sufficient heat is provided to convert this water into gaseous state which is then used in different purposes after conversion into liquid i.e. gardening etc. The process of gas is introduced in order to treat the dirty water and remove its contamination by the use of heat.

  1. Transport :

            The major breakthrough in mobility will be the ‘Hyperloops’, that will bring airplane speeds to the ground, and this will be coordinated by ‘flying cars’ which will own eye sensors. The vehicle will move in the direction of the eyes at times, rest of the journey will be covered with the help of digital board sensor movement where keys, buttons and finger will play important role. There will be four wheelers on road too, but their mechanism will be such that their structural layout can be easily adjusted according to congestion and traffic. Ambulances, fire services and other services will be easily availed as there will be temporal and artificial road platforms that can be easily laid over the vehicles at times of emergency.

  1. Digitalization

            The city will be completely digitalized 3D downloads will be available, and there will be computer at each and every sphere of life. Telepathy will be one of the newly deviced communication system that will be supported by binary softwares. The buildings roads will be self repairing because of micro capsuler of sodium silicate that would release gel to perform the act.

Robotization :

            Robots will be useful as well as the most important technological innovations in the coming years. In every sphere of life robots will determine human action. Human force will be subordinate to robots. This will undoubtedly enhance the production by leaps and bounds and leave no stone unturned to bring the city to the “period of boom”.

Inter-planetary commerce :

            There will be business between the dwellers of this city and the ones living in the newly discovered planet.

            Although details about the discovered planet is not the matter of concern of this discussion as it will lead to unnecessary deviations.

Fuel :

            Nanoflow cell technology will generate electr from the ionic fluid. The electricity will then be transferred to 4 electric motors that will power each wheel with the peak output of speed. Hydrogen fuel i.e. H2 will also be used in massive electronic motors. Solar power will be the other alternative.

Recreation :

            For recreation there will be space games stations, where there will be every types of recreation mechanically commonly based on scientific laws and principles.

Infrastructure :

            Bankings and other financial institution uses special identification softwares which somehow identifies the account holders face and hence safeguard the customers from any type of forgery or cheating.

            Alternative faces can also be given at the time of account making as to solve the case of emergency situation.

The War Era

            Owe comes the era of utmost development of technology. This is the time where mewn introduced almost all types of technologies to fight against all odds. Almost every disease finds its cure and medication.

            Men is found to be the most invincible creations.

            Now the question is, if everything be so smooth than what the war is for ? The war is the outcome of social isolation. Everybody is so secluded, segregated and lonely that despite of all the available comforts, it becomes difficult to sustain.

            Men become socially, one of the most isolated being. Every individual finds very difficult to survive as there be no expectation of being connected to the near and dear ones. Men in this age has the complete essence of feature and characters like greed, rationality and selfish realism.

            Hence this is the age of culmination. Men realize the drawback of technology, at the same time finds himself helpless.

Period of Restoration…..

            After the war era men realizes the repercussions of technological development. This is the era when humans decide to renunciate the present way of life and opt for the one that is devoid of all there ills.

            A newcityh namely “The Thriving Cosmos” is designed where every layout is according to the need of the time and preserves the nature and promotes sustainability. As men enjoys the fullest of desirer, so here the preferences are different. Here nature and its company plays vital role in the settlement and its sprawl. Greenery and plantations are the heritage of human society and this belief brings happiness.

            Buildings are made in the vicinity of natural environment. Technology is introduced and used in positive manner i.e. to cure the polluted environment, and to restore the pure one.

            Men pledges to be the main executive of the maintenance body of the earth. The vehicle of life is supported with the elements of selflessness, love, care and support, where the travellers are men and the environment. Men ensures sustainability and judicious use of technology.

            Go Green, save environment save the world are some of the ideologies of the time.

            Men finally be able to achieve a magnificient triumph over the invading technology monster and its repercussion.


            The assignment mainly focuses on the fact that although there can be enormous and massive development in technology that can bring about magnificient changes on the earth surface. This can bring comfort, ease and happiness in our live but the real happiness is not the one describe above. The day is not far where all we will be surrounded with is discomfort, social isolation, segregation and hatred.

            Keeping this in mind, it is the duty of every individual to fulfill the need of the hour and develop strategies to lead a life in the company of nature and its purity.

            Finally I would like to come to an end by concluding this assignment with the following quotation.

            “Lead the scene, just go green”.

A Poem….

Here is a self composed poetry by me which conveys a message i.e. ‘save green save the earth’.


The earth is our only home,

Be it yesterday, today or till doom.

We being selfish, foolish and greedy,

Ruin it everyday by acting nasty.

Technicalization is the major cause of pollution,

Which ofcourse result to great emissions.

Now it’s the time of redemption of deeds,

Otherwise, we would face huge loss indeed.

Lets take steps, without being mean,

Because saving the globe simply means save green.

… GhaziaMusarratAshna


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