Future City Assignment by Hilal Ahad Bhat

           A city is large human settlement. Cities generally have extensive system for housing, transport, sanitation, utility, landuse and communication. Historically, city dwellers have been a small proportion of humanity overall, but following two centuries of unprecedented and rapid urbanization roughly half of the world population now lives in cities.

The Future of Human Civilisation :


The future of human civilization is going to be largely defined by the character of its future cities. Cities represent both the finest and most terrible aspect of humanity. Today cities are full of poverty, but they also offer the best way to rise above the challenge. Cities are also the centre of environmental crises but they represent the best way for rise above the challenge.

            So we can have a control in our hands, we can take the urbanization head on and most of the best component that cities represent and create a future that is environmental friendly and healthy.

            Let us not go down that failed path as we get set for the future cities of our nation.

My Future City (Framework)

            Here are some of the liable points of a good future and sustainable city.


  • It should be mixed up neighbourhood. Mixed use neighbourhood where every 200 acre of development is self contained where all activities of residential, commercial, retail, hospitality, and basic entertainment facilities are available.
  • It should be walkable with large foothpaths along its roads.
  • It should be totally automobile independent. The roads should be full of taxis and buses with a minimum of private vehicles. In these cities one doesnot need driving license to survive.
  • It should have great public places where people can congregate.
  • In future cities all citizens most have their own houses.
  • It should be free from all types of pollutions i.e. noise, water, air, land and many other pollution.
  • The small roads, drainage system must be maintained and decreted well.
  • It should have residential offices, retail marketing and other services adjacent to each other and buildings are build with negligible or zero car parks.
  • Mostly the means of transport should be of environmental or eco-friendly.
  • Use of chargeable products more than one time usable products.
  • Settlement should be far flung from factories.
  • Afforestation should be done in the corners of every settlement, in the banks of water bodies and in the free lands.
  • Settlements should have separate yards where they sow some vegetables and get busy in the truck farming.
  • Highway should be painted or coloured white which don’t pass much of the incoming radiation to pass through and help in maintaining the heat balance.
  • Solar energy will be the basic of electricity and all dwellings should have their own solar system.
  • Fly over should be made in conjuncted roads or jammed areas where every cars and persons can pass or walk freely.
  • Future of the city depends on the mindset of the people. Every person must take responsibility for any actions.
  • Reuse, reduce, recycling policies must be adopted.
  • Implementation of green plants or greenery should be everywhere seen.
  • Much use of CNG and other environmental friendly gases.

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I am Rashid Aziz Faridi ,Writer, Teacher and a Voracious Reader.
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