Urban Systems

Causes of Urbanization

Early Urban Hearths

Defining Urban Space

Public Space in Cities

Role of Tributary Society in Evolution of Cities

Pros and Cons of Urbanization

Trends and Patterns of Urbanization

Our Urban Real is Turning into a Big Slum?

Urban Poor,Slums and UN

Defining Characteristics of City

First City,First Planned City and Origin of the Word”Town”

Urbanism is New Way of Life

Urbanization In India

Explosion of Urbanisation In India

Waste to Energy in India

Urban Forms

How do We Plan Our Cities

 Howard Nelson’s Classification of Cities

Classification of Cities by Chauncy D. Harris

Concentric Zone Model of Burgess

Sector Model

Urban Primacy, Primate City and rank Size Rule

Beggars in Indian Cities

Problems of  Delhi

Calcutta’s Urban Problems

The Process of Urbanization

Demographic Transition and Urbanization

Phases in Urban Planning

Salient Features of Indian Urbanisation

March of Urbanisation: A Temporal Overview

Counter Urbanisation

Study Material for AMU Students:

Urban and Regional Development Paper 

 Semester VI GGB -603


Meaning and Scope of Urban Geography

Urban Systems Defined

Urban Systems in India:Definitions

March of Urbanization:Temporal View

Evolution of Urban Morphology

Unit II

Origin of Urbanization In India

Factors of Temporal Urban Growth in India


Concept of Region

Planning Regions

Planning History

Hierarchical Levels of Planning

Modifications of August Losch

Further Readings

Urban Revolution :10 Characteristics of Urban Systems