Urban Systems

Causes of Urbanization

Pros and Cons of Urbanization

Trends and Patterns of Urbanization

Our Urban Real is Turning into a Big Slum?

Urban Poor,Slums and UN

Defining Characteristics of City

Functional Zoning in Cities: Concept and Overview

First City,First Planned City and Origin of the Word”Town”

Urbanism is New Way of Life

Urbanization In India

Explosion of Urbanisation In India

How do We Plan Our Cities

Transport :How it is A Key for growth in cities

 Howard Nelson’s Classification of Cities

Classification of Cities by Chauncy D. Harris

Meaning and Scope of Urban Geography

Concept and History of Rural Urban Fringe

Delimitation of Rural Urban Fringe

Concept of Umland

Delimitation of Umland

Basic and Non Basic Functions of City

Central Business District: Concept and Delineation

Characteristics, Hierarchical Order and Problems of CBDs of India

Urban Systems Defined

Urban Systems in India:Definitions

Origin of Urbanization In India

Factors of Temporal Urban Growth in India

Concept of Region

Planning Regions

Planning History

Integration of Migrants in Small and Medium Cities

Making a City: Politics, Power and Democracy

Putting GIS to Work in Today’s City

Top Ten Urban Innovations According to World Economic Forum

Some City Problems of Kolkata

Rural Service Centres : An Overview

Finding A Sense Of Belonging In The City

The New Urbanism: Fast, Nimble, Flexible, and Tactical

The Triumph of the Urban, Gentrification and Sprawl – Robert Bruegmann

Urbanization and its Impact on Rural Life

Inequality in Cities and COVID

Urban Political Institutions

Social Thoughts, Space and Urbanisation

Alpha, Beta and Gamma Cities

The Right to the City-A Co created Space

City Design is All Felicitating Relationships-With Nature and With People

Urban Crime: A Geographer’s Perspective

How Cities Are Reimagining Neighborhoods