City Vision by Shafiq Ahmad

Pollution Free City :

            The first and most important thing in future, the city should be free from any kind of pollution whether it is air, the water or noise.

Congestion free :

            It should free from congestion of streets to roads.

Quality of Roads :

            Widening of road & on each km of road there should be parking space so that people can easily park their car & reduce congestion. Road should be such a kind that it charges the running vehicle automatically.

            Electric buses & cars should be used to reduce air pollution.

Free Wi-Fi :

            Free wifi all over the city so that people can locate, vehicle, metro as well as the place they want to visit. With this facility, it reduces time span & makes easy for the people to travel any corner of the earth.

Transaction :

            One transaction card should be used for every kind of fare whether it is automobile fare, metro or airplane fare and for shopping.

Str. of buildings :

            All building must have the same heights & structure in an area with this city will look more beautiful.

Cycling :

            Cycling and walking should apply on regular basis to a small distance, it give health benefits & will reduce pollution as well.

Solar System :

            Solar panel should be installed on the streets lights as well as on the roads. Within an area, all the lights should be linked with one switch at a point. So that it can easily ‘off’ during daytime & ‘on’ during the night. With this, it will the same lot of energy.

Water ways :

            There should be canals on the edge & from the centre of the city. It must be used for transportation purpose & should be cleaned from garbage.

Ring Road :

            Ring road in the city which must cover the entire edge area in a circular way. If anyone wants to visit one periphery to other, it will directly go through the ring road & have not to suffer in the central zone.

Malls :

            Big malls should concentrated on ring road & centre of the city only. Central place must be connected by road from all four sides. It will give it circular shape & city will look more beautiful.

CCTV Surveillance :

            CCTV cameras must be installed at the central place & peripheries of city which will locate everything easily.

Route Map.

            Route map on every 1 km of the road & some of the streets. So that one can travel easily from one place to another.


            Last but not least, for the beautification of the city it should circular in shape. And all the building should have same color & height in an area.

            Hence I prefer the kind of city in the future if possible.

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