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Tom Low’s village progress

Originally posted on Architecture Here and There:
Photo of completed stage of Pocket Court Project near Asheville, N.C. (Tom Low) Last February and before that, in December, I posted “Is this possible anymore?” and “Christmas card community” about village architecture.…

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World’s earliest animals, new research

Originally posted on Dear Kitty. Some blog: This 23 June 2017 video about rangeomorphs is called Gone! Why Ancient Fractal Creatures Vanished. From the University of Cambridge in England: Big, shape-shifting animals from the dawn of time July 10,…

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The Real Architects of Bengali Cuisine are Widows

We often talk about of our culture. We are proud of it.An important part of culture are cuisines of the region. Many contribute to it.Bengali cuisines are famous.This piece examines the role of widows in developing and preserving this element … Continue reading

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How Joplin, Missouri, Used Nature to Recover from a Devastating Tornado

Originally posted on THE DIRT: I’ve always been struck by the undeniable power of nature. It destroys—as it did on a late Sunday afternoon in May, in Joplin, Missouri, six years ago when an EF5, mile-wide tornado chewed through…

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