Future City by Heena Khatoon

As the name ‘Future City’ itself indicates the face of upcoming cities to 20 years. Before planning a model of the future city, first, we have to keep in the mind about the location where we are going to imply the project of ‘Future City’. So, that accordingly, the project may be prepared if the planning of the cities is in the plain area or in the coastal area or in the same hilly area, and whether any river is passing through that area or not.

city hina_1      Perhaps, city planning can’t be implemented in the current city, though, to some extent some planners tries to implement their ideas or plan. Somewhere it works a little bit but mostly this plans face failure. Because one can not fully alter the whole pattern of a city.

While planning future city models, few things should be kept in mind like housing pattern, transportation and communication, markets, schools, hospitals, vegetations etc.

To avoid housing congestion and urban sprawl, multi-storied buildings will be the good option but also it should be restricted that how many storied must be constructed in one building, what materials are being used for buildings construction. And it should be planned in such a way that in front of every building, there must have some vegetation for fresh air and also vegetations makes cities beautiful. And roads must be widened with three or four land and some flyovers to avoid a traffic jam. Public transportation should be promoted to minimize pollution and it also reduces the chances of a traffic jam. And for this proper bus stops required, if possible every bus stop should be provided with free wifi. And the government should make sure about the timings of public transport. Solar lights on every single road. Along the everywhere of roads, there must be frees. Spitting on roads should be banned and if any caught spitting he must be charged fine. And if possible, put CCTV camera on the roads to avoid crimes and any type of incident happened, it helps to caught culprits easily.

A city must be planned in such a way that public service centres should be more than one in number. If not then the planning of centres must be done in such a way that the people from every corner of the city can cover the same distance or little more from others. So that they can fulfil their needs easily. Drainage should be closed one to avoid unhygienically and to reduce the reproduction of mosquitos to avoid diseases. And other things, like location and what should be arrangement pattern of hospitals, banks, schools, parks, shopping centres.

The most important thing, one should keep in mind while planning a city is a location and site for establishing an industry. Because industries are the major reason for pollution and health. Industries must be established in such a location, where the settlement is either rare or negligible with vegetation surroundings to reduce some pollution around it. And it swages instead of wasting and discharging in rivers it can be utilized by recycling, in this way rivers can be saved from getting polluted.

Good administration is very necessary to run a city, a proper law should be made and make it mandatory for everyone to follow it strictly. Whether the law is related to transportation, building houses, service taxes etc.

Thus, for making a successful planning for a city, co-operation is very important whether it is from the government or from the public.

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