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Partition Of Northeast India – The Seeds Of Conflict — GreatGameIndia

At the peak of it’s power, the British Empire covered more than a quarter of the world. To rule over the natives and extract their resources, the officers of the East India Company segregated the populations into different regions. Overtime … Continue reading

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Whatever Happened to Struggle Against Untouchability

Originally posted on KAFILA – 12 YEARS OF A COMMON JOURNEY:
Untouchability Walls keep rising and falling in Tamil Nadu. BR Ambedkar wrote in Annihilation of Caste that “…the world owes much to rebels who would dare to argue in the face of…

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India Facing Worst Water Crisis In History, Nearly 60 Crore People Affected: Niti Aayog Report

  According to Niti Aayog, India is facing worst Water Crisis .The Minister of State for Jal Shakti & Social Justice Empowerment, Rattan Lal Kataria on Monday, December 9 in Rajya Sabha said that India is facing a severe water … Continue reading

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Obstacles Don’t Define You

Originally posted on Orlando Espinosa:
Never let an obstacle stop you from moving forward, there is always a way to get past anything put in front of you. It’s easy to look at our lives and define them by highlights…

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