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Basic Approaches to Study of Settlement Geography

Each subject has a need of systematic rules, methods, techniques & system for appropriate and scientific study. These methodology are known as approaches There are two popular approaches in settlement geography according to Hartshorne are: 1.Systematic      2. Regional Dickinson express … Continue reading

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The fight against fraud in peer review

We’ve all heard about fake news. Now we have deceptive scholarship. Derek Pyne, a Thompson Rivers University economist, is among the global academics determined to expose deceptive academic journals, sometimes at a risk to their careers. A determined B.C. economics … Continue reading

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Settlement Geography : Subject Matter

A settlement is an existence of occupancy for shelter where people live. Settlement is man’s structural transformation towards application to his environment.The study of settlements is largely a product of the twentieth century. A settlement is man’s first step towards adaptation to his environment. … Continue reading

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Oxford in Night

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