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I am Rashid Aziz Faridi ,Writer, Teacher and a Voracious Reader.

Consistently Happy

Originally posted on Orlando Espinosa:
People produce their best when they’re happy. Being happy really does change everything. My goal in life is to be happy. Genuinely, intensely and consistently happy!

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A letter from the President of my university

Originally posted on Why Evolution Is True:
Spring Quarter begins today at the University of Chicago, and it’s a unique time: the University is largely closed, including most academic buildings, most research labs, all administrative offices, and all dorms except…

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Social network analysis for goal 13: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Originally posted on Yue_yue:
Sustainable development of cities and communities includes many aspects, such as resources, environment, economy, society and so on. Social network analysis can help achieve sustainable development goals in many ways. When it comes to resource…

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Social Class: The Concept

Social class, also called class, a group of people within a society who possess the same socioeconomic status. Besides being important in social theory, the concept of class as a collection of individuals sharing similar economic circumstances has been widely … Continue reading

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