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Internal Infrastructure: Building Bridges

Originally posted on A Two Sided Truth:
The mind is prone to wandering. The ego has a tendency toward striving. To ground oneself becomes a continual challenge while withstanding the pushes and pulls of life. It is as if you…

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Blue Ripples on a Red Planet

Originally posted on Iowa Climate Science Education:
From NASA Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of ArizonaClick to Enlarge Though Mars is the Red Planet, false-color images can help us learn about its weather and geology. This image shows a variety of wind-related…

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GPS Negatively Impacts Spatial Memory

Rebecca Solnit points to a 2020 study that attempts to measure the impact of using GPS navigation devices on our spatial memory. After assessing 50 drivers, researchers found that drivers with more GPS experience had worse spatial memory when navigating … Continue reading

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A Leader Who

Be a leader who is guiding and empowering, instead of criticizing and belittling! A leader who leads with compassion, conviction and integrity. A … A Leader Who

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