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Spatial Analysis: A Fundamental Concept of Geography

The information below is based upon material found in Places and Region in Global Context: Human Geography 4th ed. by Paul Knos and Sallie Marston, Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River New Jersey. In order to better understand the world, geographers employ the … Continue reading

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Great Urbanisation Project of Humanity: A Perspective

Our century is the Urban Century. Soon the world will become a giant urban system. Urbanization and the fast growth of cities and towns have become one of the major characteristics of the present century. Urban life is now way of … Continue reading

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When solar and wind capacity increase

Originally posted on Iowa Climate Science Education:
When pointing to the huge fluctuations of solar and wind production in previous post, I wrote that these fluctuations will only grow when South Australia advances on its path towards 100% renewable energy.…

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Where Can I Type an Essay for Free

An essay is a little piece of writing on a specific topic. This is a common task given to students at any English course. It should not be of a big volume, determining the topic essence. It is said that … Continue reading

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