Future City: A Perspective by Noman Ahamad Khan

Future City

As we see the word “Future City” it strikes in our mind that a city which is prosperous in its facilities, its beauty, its management, its communication, standard etc. But have a ponder on the word Future city, does it really have the same meaning as mentioned above ?

The question arises here that the “future” we are talking about, should have the time period of 100-200 yr or more.

The word “Future city” is as complex and dynamic as the human behaviour and his time/nature. I think the city which admire the people of future generation should be termed as Future city.

As the human needs changes and so their behaviour, planning of future city will be difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to implement all the steps and precaution in future city. First of all, we should learn the ideas of future city by analyzing present days difficulties of the cities and apply preventive measures to overcome it.

As we know human behaviour is dynamic in nature, he/she changes with time and is not satisfied by their previous facilities, then consider it all and make a city which fulfills their desires.

Thirdly, the most important criteria is to consider all parameters that affect the human life, health, safety etc. By having all these considerations, we can construct the model of future city.

Salient Features of Future City :

  1. Location of the city
  2. Tectonically stable area
  3. Low possibilities of natural hazard like, Earthquake, landslides, floods, etc.
  4. Moderate climate condition
  5. Nearness to the working place.
  6. Establishment of city in pre-planned way :
  7. Roads should be designed in organized way so that less energy as well as time is needed to travel.
  8. Societies should be established in such a way that flourishes the culture and ethics.
  9. Establishment of schools, hospitals, security systems, malls etc. in proper way.
  10. Establishment of canal system so that less pollution occurs.
  11. In emergency cases, alternate ways to evacuate the city in less time and many others that are using in present day and try to overcome the problems happening in present day cities.

By fulfilling all these parameters, how one should plan the near future possibilities of human behaviour and their change.

  1. Near Future Changes
  2. Communication system
  3. People become advanced as time has passed, so high speed travelling facilities like bullet trains, metros, accessible air service and other mode of services.
  4. Proper arrangement of electricity as it is the main source of energy.
  5. Better telecom services in order for people to communicate better.
  6. Better infrastructure that consume less and land which supports human burden.
  7. The city should have more greenery, gardens, waterfalls etc.
  8. For health considerations, various features should be like :

(i)      Well established hospitals, trauma centres, ambulance facilities etc.

(ii)     Environment free from pollution

(iii)    Industries should control their level of pollution

(iv)    Pure water supply for drinking .

Digitization of the City

         Digitization is the integration of digital technologies in everyday life. It also means the process of making everything digital and the process of converting information into digital format.

  • It is a strong force that happens everywhere in the city. It has both positive and negative effects.
  • Digital technologies and their adopting methods bring a lot of new and unpredictable changes.
  • Digital technologies raise several new ethical questions and dilemnas regarding privacy, security.
  • Digitization has many potential benefits for cities. Digitization is helpful to solve and improve many old urban problems.
  • It can enhance the way a city runs, improve service, provision and reduce cost. It also reduces the work force, changes the dimension of city completely. Therefore, it is important element for future city.

About Rashid Faridi

I am Rashid Aziz Faridi ,Writer, Teacher and a Voracious Reader.
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