Geography of Tourism

Define Tourism

Basic Approaches to Study

Types of Tourism

Tourism Demand

Rail Tourism


Music Tourism

The Beach Holiday: A Post-World War II Phenomenon

Spatial Affinity of Tourism

Tourism Planning: Overview and Importance

Tourism Planning:Some Thoughts

The Tourism Product

Salient Features of Tourism Product

Intangibility of Tourism Product

Perishability of Tourism Product

Needs and Wants:Seth Goldin’s Perspective

Leisure and Recreation


Motivating Factors of Tourism

Motivation for Tourism:Some Theories

Evolution of Tourism

Determinants of Tourism

Impact of Tourism

Positive Impact of Tourism

Culture as Determinant of Tourism

Garhwal Tourism Introductory notes

Some  Great Places in Garhwal Himalayas

Manipur Tourism

Dal Lake Tourism

Camping Places in Garhwal Himalayas

Relation Between Migration and Tourism

Fairs and Festivals of India and Tourism

Rural Tourism of Tripura


Diaspora Tourism

Serious Leisure

Misbehaving Tourists



Sleep Tourism: A New Type-Trending Now

Recommended Books

Tourism Today: A Geographical Analysis

Prof Douglas Pearce

Tourism Geography 

Sunil Baghla