My Projects


Urban Sprawl on Bulandshahr -Delhi Highway(NH-91): A GIS and Remote Sensing Project

(A University Grants Commission Project)

Principal Investigator



Relevance of Gandhi

(A University Grants Commission Project)

Co Principal Investigator

Current Projects

Subject Matter Expert at Braahmam Net Solutions ( E-portal)

Amar Singh Geographical Society

We have founded Amar Singh Geographical Society in Department of Geeography at A.S.College  on Feb, 7 ,2011. The Society  organized its first research group meeting on Feb,14,2011.

Global Settlement Layer Project 

An international project I am collaborating in.

Jugraphia Slate

An international multi author site. It is an open forum for Geography Lovers. Fifty authors are there.We post and discuss about issues in Geography.

Geomorphology Class Blackboard

It is a class blog- an experiment in learning.


Dynamics of Return Migration: A Case Study of India-Gulf Cooperation
Council (GCC) Countries

ICSSR Project

Co- Project Director


GIS/GPS Mapping of Waqf Properties under – “Qaumi Waqf Board Taraqqiati Scheme”In Tamil Nadu

Waqf Board Project

Principal Project Investigator

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9 Responses to My Projects

  1. It conjugate 2 livelihood


  2. Justine says:

    can you tell me more about rivers please?


  3. ravtul says:

    Исследователи полагают, что «священной» главная индийская река Ганг стала называться во многом благодаря значительному количеству серебра в ее водах. Не случайно издревле их считают целебными, и многотысячные шествия паломников стремятся пройти омовение на берегах Ганга. Причем такая целеустремленность отнюдь не беспочвенна: немало людей действительно избавлялись от проблем с кожей, речная вода помогала залечивать раны, избавляться от свищей.


  4. Mehak says:

    WhyIndia is considered as one of the the world ‘s most disaster prone country. ??

    Plss Experts Plss answer I need it very urgently..

    also mention India ‘s topographic structure.


  5. nadini says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiii “Rashid’s Blog”IS HELPING us verymuch in our projects
    hatssss off 2 u all


  6. FRANK says:

    is there is any type of support for a degree student?


  7. Tapaswini says:

    Sir,i hav interest on environment science i wanna do a project abt these environmental studies which vr studying ryt nw in our clgs but still im nt yet getting a proper information on environment


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