Future City – A Dream of Mine: Juvairiya

            Nobody has seen future but fancies float in the minds of all of us under no control. However future plan is a part of success. We may presume a future look like. If I presume a city in future for me it’d be preferable that there must be harmony of calm, brotherhood, super hygiene, where actions must be taken against crimes where every girl child grows inside and outside the womb as well, where people live in peace.

By 2050, India would be the second economic country in terms of GOP at Purchasing Power Parity. Indian GOP in 2050 measured by Purchasing Power Parity will be $85.97 trillion and to reach that, Indian economy will have to grow at an average annual rate of 8.1% for next 39 years.

Lack of communication and understanding has weakened the bond of humanity,so there must be gathering halls where all the members of the community gather atleast once in a month and promise to each other for brotherhood in locality. All the people should know their rights and duties. So they would be less demanding and more helpful for others.


There must be local management who controls the wastage of food water ,electricity and many other important things where there is management devoid of corruption. People should know they can help others by controlling it. There must be some proper paces outside the city for dumping garbage, people should be much more aware of harmful effects of throwing garbage in open.

Provision and prohibition for · use of plastic items related to food items must prevail there. A place without electricity is beyond imagination, but high consumption is also a problem. So I would suggest the street lights must be replaced with LED lamps or the light system that may consume lesser energy as well as the awareness of saving electricity and its oriented use among people.


For a country like India that has a population of 1.3 billion and is likely to increase by 2050, it is hard to imagine the traffic jams and pollution and the number of cars at a signal. Hence to avoid the situation as that, efficient train system should be introduced in India that connect various towns and cities and run at a faster speed, hence saving time. This would also reduce the amount of fuel used per annum and thus we can export it to various countries, profiting our nation at a better rate. If we take the example of France, it experiments by paying people to cycle to work. We should also introduce some measures of interest.


One other very important objective that we lag behind is investment in healthcare. Even today after all the years of independence and developments,patients are recommended foreign countries for better treatment. The country should be able to provide world-class medical service to not only the wealthy folks but also ensure that same is available to the poor and underprivileged. The.increasing number of quacks is another concern in our society which should be seriously looked upon. India faces a growing need to fix its basic health concerns in the areas of HIV, Malaria, Tuberculosis etc. Number of hospitals should be increased especially in rural areas.


Currently we can just actually count the number of major cities in India, Mumbai,Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata and a few more to name.Considering that India is home to more than one-sixth of the world population,we need more centers of economic development. Emergence of smart cities, technology and business hubs is a growing need.


Another thing that can increase the profit rate of the country and help in development is the tourism industry. I personally believe that our culture is very peculiar and all the heritage sites that our nation holds today are those that have been long designed and build by our ancestors. No efforts have been made later to architect anything that can prove to be heritage site. Even Taj Mahal would not be a pat of the seven wonders if the situation continues as such and depletes the uniqueness of the monument. We are not able to protect the Taj which has been of great importance to us for almost 370 years now. So I believe that each state should atleast have one characteristic monument which should prove to be a heritage site. This would increase the employment as well as in the form of guides. We can then have a lot of hotels as well for a better stay and thus increasing the employment sector again. The government’s report of the Working Group on Tourism stared that the country requires an additional 1,90,108 hotel rooms to meet a projected 12% growth in tourism. The north-eastern terrain, the Himalayan belt, the medieval architecture and everything else about our country is not properly utilized till now and this has prevented India from emerging as one of the top tourist destinations in the world. We should promote our folk traditions, arts and culture. Graffiti should be encouraged however purposely scribbling on walls should be a punishable offence.


“’Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.”

We cannot neglect the importance of education as the times are advancing,nothing is possible without a proper education and hence focus should be laid on better education infrastructure. One of the biggest problems India faces today is illiteracy. We are still following the old methods of education and more than practical education, we have the theoretical one and hence this limits the exposure of the children. There should be sessions for recommendations of addition/removal of certain subjects. Considering that millions of students finish school every. year, we have only 30 good engineering colleges in India. And the issue is not just about engineering or medical or graduation here but the reforms that are required in our education systems and institutes of course. Its high time that we should focus on quality education rather than the quantity one. Number of schools should be in proper ratio with the population of the city. Parks and playgrounds ·within the boundaries of city may make people happier. Roadside trees and flowers are a must throughout the city.

We are a huge nation with the second largest population however most of the minerals required are still imported even though we have a lot of mineral reserves, for example coal and petroleum. We should explore various source of energy. The solar, nuclear, hydro etc. are various options available to us. This can increase the value of our currency once we start exporting minerals.

Its said that if World War Ill occurs, it’d be for Water. The total amount of water on earth is 71.2% however only 3.5% of this is available to us that too in the form of glaciers and polar ices. The fresh water available to us is only 1.8% rest is not fit for drinking. This can cause a shortage of water and 1 am afraid 2050s will be the period. Therefore we should minimize the use of water and use it efficiently. We are grown enough to understand that sticking posters and slogans is not enough to actually minimize the use rather we should be conscious enough of it ourselves. Therefore availability of water in later years might be a problem that should be looked upon as soon as possible. The municipality should look into the matter seriously and work hard to assist the situation.


For a country where the major source of employment is agriculture, it’d be wrong to say that India has a shortage of food. It is a country with probably the largest number of rivers and most fertile land for all sorts of food crops, India is a self sufficient when it comes to food production. However our concern is the distribution of food. The rich in India create unnecessary demands for food on the table while the poor are forced to eat from bins. We produce a lot of food, but the problem is, we also waste a lot of food and this should be immediately erased. There should be more efficient food storage and better distribution network.


The problem of sanitation in India is still prevailing and I wonder why our nation can’t be mosquito-free. There are open puddles of water everywhere you look,giving rise to: mosquitos in that ·area ·and hence creating health problems and uncleanliness. The water dripping from ACs onto public areas is for example one. of the causes. So this is one concern I hope would be over by 2050 .

I am not so much in favour of internet. However, this became a necessity of the time,  therefore, internet should atleast be used genuinely. And there must be a controlling body which can monitor all the time over the web system I less believe in smart cities but dwellers therein be smarter. Anyways, I don’t mind if the city be smart or people put it in another category. I believe in simplicity of life so inner satisfaction of people should be a priority.


            Sewage systems should be with pumping systems which can pump out garbage etc. if it blocks flow of water at any point of time. This would be very useful during heavy rains. There would be a proper place for garbage dumping. Cleaning of roads should be properly done on daily basis. Employees of the cleaning department should be paid handsome salaries. Because of their hard work as mostly people don’t prefer it as a job.

All the houses should atleast have one road at one of its side. Parking lot should be proper and if possible houses should have their own parking places underground or on the ground floor. Pollution makes people unhealthy so there maybe a controlling body to control all type of pollution inside the city. All are to be advised to have at least one tree in their house.

Smoking should be prohibited in an out of the house. There must not be any place where people can purchase any kind of smoking material. There must not be an outlet for selling liquor or other harmful material. Coaching for self-defense for all should be obligatory. Small industries also to be functional at outskirts of the city.Transport for people would be easy and comfortable.


Pollution is one problem that has been increasing ever since. And this has caused a lot of deaths and problems to people across the nation and it still continues to be the same. Therefore something” as an Air Purifier should be installed in various cities to control the pollution and ._check its rate. We cannot afford to lose the human resource in vain. By this another idea that strikes the mind is the proper use of human resource. We have the second largest population followed by China.And every second material we pick has been made in China. A small irony is, even the laptop I am working on, is made in China. China has given us wonders and things that human couldn’t easily think of. One of the biggest reasons for this success is the use of human resource. With a population of 1.411 billion, China has rightly made the best use of its human resource. Small scale industries are a hype in China. If not compete with them, we should at least try to put our strongest and largest resource at work by providing them opportunities of jobs and good working conditions along with handsome salaries. We should be able to export more than our import rates.


Corruption in India is one of the biggest obstacles and hindrance to our growth.Everyone of us is well aware of the corrupt activities and yet we have. taken no successful action against this ill-practice. Our country cannot really flourish until there is a huge gap that prevails between various classes of the society. The rich is becoming richer and the poor is getting poorer. The distribution of wealth and opportunities is unorganized.

Littering around even when we have dustbins around seems to have become a habit of Indians. There is not one road you step on that is completely clean.However this is not the case with various other countries like Dubai and Singapore. I would like to see my city litter-free. Burning waste in public is another cause of pollution which should be declared illegal.

SURVEY: Paris, according to a study, spends €500 million a year on cleanliness and waste management and yet believes that the city is not completely clean.

There have been various· cases of poor road construction and falling bridges every now and then. We can reduce the risk by employing more people at the construction site and making someone responsible to keep a check on the work.This would further create job opportunities to the less privileged as well.

Uber services have been a hype since past few years but I believe Uber bikes should be introduced as well. This would reduce the pollution and help minimize jams.·Also fuel usage would be lessened. So if an individual has to travel alone, just the bike would suffice.


Animal farms and reserves should be increased in number as we need to protect wildlife. This would help in balancing the life cycle. And then we can provide abetter life for their existence. Our ecosystem is better with animals and the equilibrium is rightly rnaintained. The hygiene of animals is also very important because they deserve equally better life. Abusing animals for entertainment and leisure purposes should be prohibited. Stray animals should be taken special careof. Proper shelters should be provided mainly during extreme climatic conditions.


“It’s a natural resource. But it’s not unlimited.”

Disaster management is, I believe, another area that we lack self-sufficiency in.Even though we have controlled several floods and other situations, yet I believewe can still work better and improve. Areas like Kerala, Tamil Nadu etc. where chances of floods are more, should always be prepared beforehand at handling and dealing accordingly. One effective way can be building of more dams. Also,since electricity is required in almost every field and will be required more in the  coming years as situations are, dams can help produce hydroelectricity as well therefore producing electric energy without much expense. Dams also help in irrigation. Furthermore, wind energy can be taken into account by increasing the number of wind mills.

Ozone layer depletion has been a matter of concern for quite long now. And the hole over Antarctica has caught the attraction of scientist who have been working continuously over the issue to suggest a proper solution to this and identify the reasons behind the worsening situation. Greenhouse gases contribute generously to this condition and therefore we must minimize the use of refrigerators,CFCs, ACs and every other thing that causes the condition to move away from our favour. Talking logically refrigerators cannot be abandoned because our life rotates around them therefore a better option is to invent an alternative to the sea and I trust our scientists. We should depend more on solar energy because of course sun is the ultimate source of energy for our planet and mainly in India because we are in the sub-tropical region where the sunlight is abundant.

At last, the overall standard of living should be made better for everyone irrespective of the class they belong to or any other illogical judgment criteria. I hope the world would be a better place by the time we are close to 2050s.

India was starving at the time of independence. We were completely crippled bythe British, however even though we have come a long way, the destination isn’t still in sight. Our GOP had dropped from 26% to 2% respectively when the British arrived in India and when they left and we are still suffering with the aftermath.

One thing for sure is we are closer to 2050 than 1970s. Its just 32 years from now that we will .be living the world of our dreams. I truly hope my city turns out to be better version of what it is now.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

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