Geomorphology Class Black Board

This page is dedicated to Geomorphology Class(AMU BA/B.Sc(Hons.)  Semester I-GGB151) which I am teaching.This is also a guiding page to a class blog- Geomorphology Class Black Board. Read it here.

karst landscape.png

Karst Landscape

Unit I & II:

Origin of Geomorphology

Scope of Geomorphology

Geomorphology: Progress With Time

Seismic Waves

Seismic Waves and Earth’s Interior

Classification of Earth Movements

Exogenetic and Endogenetic Forces: Evolution of Landforms


Earthquakes : An Overview

What is an Earthquake?

Richter Scale

Modified Mercellie’s Scale

Why do More People Die in Some Quakes?

Earthquake and Plate Tectonics

Plate Tectonics



Measurement of Earth’s Circumference by Erotosthenese

Folds: Types and Mechanism

Parasitic Fold



Volcanoes:Cultural and Geographical Perspective

Volcanic Landforms

Oceanic Volcanoes

Hotspot Volcanoes

Ring of Fire

Why Ring of Fire Exists

Unit IV: Monadnock or Inselberg:An Isolated Hill

Mass Movement/Mass Wasting/Slope Movement

Other Posts

Evolution of Landforms:Some Terms

Concept of Cycle of Erosion

River Capture


Folds: Types and Folding Mechanism

Plate Tectonics and Plate Boundaries

Plate Tectonics and Oceanic Ridge

Limestone Caves

Alluvial Fans

Deepest Point in Ocean

Deadliest Quakes in Recent History

Quakes In Asia

metamorphism and metamorphic rocks