Geomorphology Class Black Board

This page is dedicated to Geomorphology Class(AMU BA/B.Sc(Hons.)  Semester I-GGB151) which I am teaching.This is also a guiding page to a class blog- Geomorphology Class Black Board. Read it here.

karst landscape.png

Karst Landscape

Unit I:

Origin of Geomorphology

Geomorphology: Progress With Time

Unit IV: Monadnock or Inselberg:An Isolated Hill

Mass Movement/Mass Wasting/Slope Movement

Other Posts

Evolution of Landforms:Some Terms

Concept of Cycle of Erosion

River Capture


Folds: Types and Folding Mechanism

Plate Tectonics and Plate Boundaries

Plate Tectonics and Oceanic Ridge

Limestone Caves

Alluvial Fans