Dungeness Beach To Disappear By 2050

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UK beaches at risk of vanishing in 30 years due to climate change | Science | News | Express.co.uk The beach has expanded about 750 feet since 1940.

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November 30, 2021 at 06:08PM

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How language shapes gender

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Indians from 1967 talk about the future

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The world has made more progress on climate change than you might think – or might have predicted a decade ago

Geography Directions

By Myles Allen, University of Oxford

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It must be painful for Boris Johnson to be a footnote, especially a footnote in French, but at the end of a very long two weeks, there were always only two outcomes possible at the UN climate summit in Glasgow. A Copenhagen-style meltdown, putting the implementation of the Paris Agreement on hold for years. Or a footnote.

A meltdown was never in anyone’s interest, so we have ended up with a footnote. A long footnote, an important footnote, but a footnote nonetheless. The Glasgow Climate Pact saw rules clarified (sort of), more finance, especially for adaptation (but still not enough), greater clarity on long-term goals and the treatment of climate-related loss and damage, and some (still inadequate) progress on short-term commitments.

And if we…

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