Meghalayan Age, the Latest Stage in Earth’s 4.54-Billion-Year History Began 4,200 Years Ago When a Global Mega-drought devastated Agricultural Societies

4200 years ago, a sweeping mega-drought devastated agricultural societies across the globe, wiping out civilizations from Ancient Egypt to Mesopotamia, Palestine and the Yangtze River Valley. Now, scientists say the cataclysmic event marks the beginning of a new geologic age: the Late Holocene Meghalayan, which encompasses everything from the start of the drought to the present.
meghalayan

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5 Ways Insecurity Obliterates The Soul


The world teaches us that perfect is the way to be and perfect is who we are. When it comes to insecurities many are not willing to accept who they truly are because it goes against the illusion that has been embedded in us since we were a child. “ That image is everything”.

Insecurities comes from uncertainty, lack appreciation and love for self. It is so easy to fall in the arms of insecurity when our heart is broken. It is also easy to fall in the arms of insecurity when we are filled with bitterness, hate, jealousy, anger, embarrassment, and an unforgiving heart.

We are taught that those six negative attributes will give us power and authority among others and bring power to self. In reality, those attributes are meant to kill, destroy, and steal from our purpose.
Many believe in their mind that we shouldn’t let others…

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Indian deer escapes tiger

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 13 July 2018 video, recorded in India, shows a deer escaping a tiger.

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Make Moves or Make Excuses

Orlando Espinosa

You can keep making excuses or you can:

  • Stop comparing yourself to others

  • Stop fearing the unknown

  • Stop blaming others for your misfortune

  • Take responsibility

  • Take action

  • Set small, attainable goals

  • Learn from your mistakes

  • Stop focusing on your weaknesses

  • Visualize your success

  • Change your habits


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