Zainab Canal near Mecca: Qanat System

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Green urban spaces for more than just aesthetics

By Johanna Caresse Eusebio, the Philippines Economic growth over ecological health In lower-income countries such as the Philippines, economic development has always been entangled with the idea of numerous blue infrastructures surrounding the cities. Over the past years as a BS Forestry student, I have grasped the idea of the importance of environmental health as […]

Green urban spaces for more than just aesthetics — #WorldForestVoices
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Read to lead 📚 

Asif Durrani

A leader recruits leaders.

Asif Durrani

A leader recruits leaders. A leader considers the induction of a new team member as a meaning of succession planning. A true leader hires new talent without any prejudice of race, ethnicity, or old affinity. A leader builds an organization as a sustainable breeding ground for future leaders.

A manager who is insecure and suffering from imposter syndrome will never onboard a person who might take his/her role in the future. The manager who curtails the talent because of the fear of being replaced is the one who should not be in charge of a leadership position. The true essence of leadership is to groom more leaders within the team and encourage the display of leadership traits. Leadership is situational and a social trait; it does not comes with the authority. A position or title will note make someone a leader. A true leader…

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Titus Two

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, a people relied upon a tool called: The Thomas GuideMaps. This dates back to a time in history when research meant we were actually required to turn pages, read and figure things out. Voice activation and recognition were elements found only in Star Trek.

Fast forward to this twenty-first century and the brilliant conventional tool known as GPS is as common as real electric powered vehicles. GPS, a familiar acronym that we casually drop in mid-sentence when identifying (or attempting to find) a location or more frequently a destination … it’s how we will get there. It’s the traveling companion that we never leave home without.

When I did a quick Google search for the accurate definition, this is what I found: TheGlobal Positioning System(GPS) is a U.S.-owned utility that provides users with positioning, navigation, and…

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