Sociological Concept of Education

Sociological Concept of Education: Centre of thoughts of sociologists is society. They look and understand human in the context and perspective of its society. They consider education as the means of development of individual and society. They have expressed following views for process of education— 1. Education is a Social Process—sociologists have clarified that when […]

Sociological Concept of Education — Online Note Bank
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Seven Theories of Climate change

Iowa Climate Science Education

Excerpts from the Introduction in italics with my bolds.

In the past few years, confidence in the AGW theory has declined dramatically. New research points to natural causes of the modern warming, and stabilizing (by some measures, falling) global temperatures have called attention to long-recognized shortcomings of the AGW theory. Tens of thousands of scientists have signed petitions expressing their dissent from the so-called “consensus” in favor of AGW. Opinion polls show a majority of the public in the U.S. and in other countries no longer believes human activity is causing global warming. Evidence of the decline of the AGW theory is presented in the postscript to this booklet.

The demise of the AGW theory makes this a good time to look at other theories of climate change put forward by prominent scientists but overlooked in the rush to judgment. This booklet identifies seven theories – AGW plus six others…

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#BookReviews: #Mystery #TimeTravel #Memoir — Emotional Shadows

Taking a break from syllabic poetry, I want to share the reviews of some fabulous books I’ve read this month. All four are my favorite authors (The Haunting… has been written by two perceptive stalwarts.) I have read one more brilliantly written book by our wordsmith – Diana. I would share it in my next […]

#BookReviews: #Mystery #TimeTravel #Memoir — Emotional Shadows
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Karl Marx, Critique of the Gotha Program – new translation, PM Press, October 2022

Progressive Geographies

Karl Marx, Critique of the Gotha Program – new translation, PM Press, 2022

There is also a discussion of the book, today, 15 September 2022, 5.30pm Chicago time.

Marx’sCritique of the Gotha Programis a revelation. It offers the fullest elaboration of his vision for a communist future, free from the shackles of capital but also the state. Neglected by the statist versions of socialism, whether social democratic or Stalinist that left a wreckage of coercion and disillusionment in their wake, this new annotated translation of Marx’sCritiquemakes clear for the first time the full emancipatory scope of his notion of life after capitalism. An erudite new introduction by Peter Hudis plumbs the depth of Marx’s argument, elucidating how his vision of communism, and the transition to it, was thoroughly democratic. This definitive edition also includes an afterword by Peter Linebaugh and other supplementary materials. At a…

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