Future City Vision by Jenarul Mandal

            Future city starts with a question – how can we make the world a better place?

            To answer it, we can imagine, research, design and build cities of the future that show-case their solution to city-wide sustainability issues.

            Past topics include storm-water management, urban agriculture, public spaces, and green energy but today’s theme is Powering our Future.

            The city of the future will be highly connected with a smart environment where people, government and business operation in symbiosis with spectacular improving technologies such as internet, robot drones, renewable energy.

Definition :

            Future city means that how we can make the cities better in future with the help of modern information and technology.

            If the cities of the past were shaped by people, the cities of the future are likely shaped by ideas and technologies.

Characteristic Features of Future City :

            The future city will contain of the basic characteristics features :

(1) Smart and Sustainable Building

            Public buildings will gather data about their occupant and visitor. This data will enable the building to maintain an optimum temperature and ensure everyone remain safe.

            Development of solar panel windows will allow being self-sufficient and sustainable in their use of energy.

(2) Eco-centric skyscrapers.

(3) The infrastructure will be well mannered.

(4) Well-maintain workable street.

(5) Build fly-over, subway.

(6) Open space

(7) Community garden

(8) Sharing concept.

(9) Use solar energy.

(10) Rain-water Harvesting

(11) Make underground well to store water.

(12) Tree plantation.

(13) Lighting facilities all over the cities with the help of solar energy.

(14) Make anti-smog tower.

(15) To make photo-synthesis tower.

Digitization of our Future City :

            Digitization is the process of making digital everything that can be digitized and the process of converting information into digital format. It means the interaction of digital technologies into everyday life.

            So without the process of digitization, we can not make our future city a better place. Therefore, our future city will be digitized in the following way –

  • All building have sensors which give information about structure and visitors.
  • Control the traffic signal with the help of the app.
  • The whole city should be covered under CCTV cameras.
  • The facilities to hire public transport through app and payment should be through app.
  • Pollution control sensor will be used.
  • The facilities of the battery charging station for electric vehicles.
  • Facilities of a 3-D screen at a junction of the city which should give the city information to the public and weather forecasting.
  • Facilities of driverless care. This car will drop at our destination and find a space for parking on its own.
  • Flying car – we use the flying car to avoid the traffic jam.
  • The whole city will digitally be connected with a network of the sensor which will provide a host of data about how our city is functioning.

            The city plays an important role in the growth and development of any country. Functions of the city depict the level of development of any country. So, it is our duty to make smart and digitalized city for our future generation.

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