What My Future City Looks Like: Class Assignment by Aasma Khanam

  • Given this assignment of what “My future city” looks like is totally based on my imagination and cities which I have visited previously.
  • It is not an easy task to plan the city. The complex of mind and ideas to view the area in a totally different sight is not easy when it is to be implemented.
  • The place chosen is a plain area with suitable weather, with a population about 5-10 lakhs approx.. mostly engaged in tertiary activities. This place has several features which are to be discussed in details with the facilities provided by the futuristic model.
  • IMG_4198
  • As shown in the figure, the area is small as compared to the present cities. Firstly, we’ll discuss a little about railway station and underground metro station. Railway Station is way more developed than the present one’s. Its fully furnished with a digital system, smooth tiles for the smooth functioning of passengers and electric/digital ticket purchasing system. It is made sure that the metro and railway trains have 10 mins gaps so as to keep rush at bay. There are 2 main gates at the entrance i.e. GATE 1 and GATE 2 for passengers convenience. A three-floor parking system is provided (i.e. underground, ground level and 1st-floor parking levels).
  • After crossing the GATE 1 & 2, the entrance to the city starts. There is a toll tax. At the left of G-1 is a graveyard and at the right of G-2 is cabs/bus services for people. There are residential areas both the ends and a large stadium for sports opened on several occasions.
  • On account of G-1 and further road, we come across Gas station and petrol pump, subway 1 and Institutional area, after which comes school. Turning right comes hotels, lodges etc. MNC’s, offices, food court, bank, shopping centre, hospitals, further into this lane are the religious centre and services of an electrician, plumbers etc. On the left of G 2, public park and subway 3, fruits and veg. market and also amusement park is also seen.

Amenities in Residential Areas :

  • The resident areas are mostly in the form of apartments, flats and green buildings.
  • The infrastructure is well equipped with the best technology and constructed with good material.
  • It has a tight security system with CCTV in each building and basement parking.
  • Each resident is to be registered for the betterment of the building.
  • These buildings are checked once in a while for fire extinguisher and also tremors free.
  • It has emergency exits from the back of the building in the form of slide and stairs.

Amenities in Public Park :

  • This area has subway 3 next to the public park. It is solely for public recreation. It is full of greenery, sitting area, proper maintenance by Janitors, shops, small first aid area and where people can enjoy their evening.
  • The street light tit after sunsets which is timely set. It has CCTV installed at every 5 min radius.

Amenities at the Shopping Centre, Food court, Fruit and Veg. Market, Govt. Office:

1) The Shopping Centre is the main hub, the attraction of the city. The building has 6 floors and parking area to the back of the building. It holds upto almost everything necessary in day to day life. This building is well designed and ventilation system is checked once in a moth or in care of emergency. It has food items, clothes, shoes, kitchen items, theatre, clubs, kids playing section, this building has well functioning lifts, emergency exits.

2) The Food Court is alongside the mad/shopping center which serves the variety of food item, from snacks, breakfast, lunch, dinner, party venues, juice corners, ice-cream corner, various other stalls. It has a seating arrangement of about 10,000 people at a time as it is maintained on various floors (up to 5 floors).

3) The Fruit and Vegetable Market is alongside the residential area. It brings fresh fruits and vegs daily and it is the sun that proper hygiene, sanitation is maintained in the market. People who purchase, are given jute bags or a trolley which they can buy and carry it back home or use it on rent. The stalls of fruit are on one side and veg on another with the proper reference number. A CCTV is equipped in case of theft or any other emergency.

4) The Government office is near to the residential area, hotel, hospital, shopping centre. All the official work, complaints of the local residents are registered. This area is highly secured and so is the bank.

Hotel INNS, Lodges :

  • This is near to subway 2, school, Amusement park.
  • People from outside usually reside here, which is affordable at reasonable price.
  • This area is divided into 3 branches according to the economy; A 4-star hotel, inn, a small lodges are available according to the needs of people.
  • The 4 star hotel, rooftop lets people see the view of the city is the amusement park.
  • This area is equipped with security, CCTV, basic necessities etc.

Small Details of the City :

  • Roads: The main roads are straight, cut at 90o angles, but curved at the edges. The traffic signals work at the end of the streets. The main roads are broad while in the street it is medium in size.
  • Street lights: The street lights are lit at the sunset, timely set. The lights are powered by the solar panel. The SL at the traffic signal also works as CCTV, as in case of violating the rule of breaking traffic and overspreading the limits.
  • Greenery: The city is lavished with greenery, trees, bushes, plants, flowers add to the beautification of the city. Every place has these beautiful elements.
  • Others: This includes, management of the city. This is mainly done with the cooperation of the locals and the municipal offices. It is checked within 4 month any cause for diseases, overflow of waste materials, sewage controls and many other elements.
  • The city has a post office, public booth, around the subway 2.
  • Around the amusement park, fireworks are installed which are shown during special occasions.
  • The city has several wall paintings which has small messages, culture of different countries are also painted, which makes the city presentable.
  • There’s a small pond at the starting of the city, which has a fishing port and serves as boating service.

This is what I want my future city to look like, where people and nature go hand in hand. Many more ideas come when thinking about a city and writing about it, but a A4 size can’t contain all the details of my vision.




Syed Aiyazuddin’s
















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