Future City Plan by Toiba Gulnaz


In this assignment, the main focus is to show the creativity in developing the plan for the future city. The main idea is to show what our future cities would consist, where they might develop, and what will be the occupation of the population residing in these cities. It is said that by 2050 about seventy-five percent of the population will live in cities. As urban communities grow, cities will need to find new ways to become smarter. Our assignment is to show a glimpse of future cities and the innovative solutions that are helping them. There many futuristic urban visions which had been dreamed up by many artists, architects and other creative voices these city concepts span from garden bridges to self-contained biospheres.

City concepts : There are many concepts for the future city given by different planner. Some of them are given as follows :

(i) The Seasteading Institute’s Floating Cities :

            Negotiations for this project are currently underway, and the very first floating city could be unveiled as early as 2020. It would ensure sustainability and wll reliance on clean energy sources.

“It is a self-contained community that floats on water…. And exists entirely off the grid”.

(ii) Sub-Biosphere 2:

            Water is not just a one-time solution to urban over-crowding. It’s an idea that’s also driven innovator Phil Pauley’s sub-Biosphere 2, which is envisioned as a fully self-contained community that floats on the water’s surface during good weather….. and goes submarine when the waves get rough.


(iii) Paris Smart City 2050:

            Envisioning what the world’s best known cities will look like in 2050 is always a fun game, the future projection of Paris is well…. Pretty impressive. Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut is behind the concept, which imagines antismog towers with de-polluting properties, photosynthesis towers covered in algae, and vertical farming oriented “farmscrapers”.

(iv) Beijing 2050 :

            Beijing is also taken up for the transformation into a future city (smart). Though the city is frequently in the news for its smog problems, the architects have reimagined the Chinese capital as a decidedly greener place. We are particularly obsessed with these gleaming, elevated gardens.

(v) Garden Bridge, London :

            It’s great to see how many of these futuristic city concepts are focused on bringing more greenery into the urban setting and London’s Garden Bridge is no exception. A thames Spanning Walkway filled with pretty foliage, the proposed project has received planning permissions and is stated to open up as early as 2018.

(vi) OASIS :

            Ever wanted to live in a tree house? What about a house that’s also a tree? The plan envisions abodes that are inspired by and effectively function as trees. They are oxygen producing, sustainable, off-grid …. and pretty, too.

(vii) Paris of the Future :

            Created by illustrator Paul Cadeisson, this stunning vision of a futuristic Paris is awesome and spooky all at once. A cheery bistro is one of the only indications of the Paris we know; otherwise, industrial, high-tech design seems to have taken over.

Main Focus in the Future City:

  • To have more and more greenery.
  • To develop settlements in the water.
  • To minimize congestion
  • To reduce traffic i.e. by constructing flyovers.
  • To reduce pollution
  • To cope up with the issue of environmental degradation
  • To tackle the issue of unsustainable consumptions patterns, environmental degradation, and persistent inequity are which are only a few of the issues that afflict modern cities.

Conclusion :

            Thus we can say that through this assignment we have broadened our horizon of the mind that the cities could be established in the ocean and also the main focus in the cities of the future will be on the Greenery of the places. We also came to know about the sub-Biosphere 2 of the innovator Phil Pauley’s which is a self-contained community that floats on the water surface during good weather …. And goes submarine during the waves storm.



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