Re-Imaging the City by Maheen Naaz

            Thinking about the future is no easy task to accomplish, as we don’t know what is going to come up in the following years. However, there is a lot of interest in such question that what a future city will be like? We cannot even imagine our town in a decade from now ? can we?

            Re-imaging the city can be a provocation to reconsider and expand the range of possibilities for a city in the future. To make a city or a town better we have to keep in mind some important points for the future city.

Think about the possibilities

            We should think about the possible changes in the city which is likely to happen. By doing so we get useful ideas about our future city.

Imagine how to improve the life quality

            How we can make peoples lives more comfortable in the upcoming years. Several approaches to this progress such as the use of autonomous cars, the Internet of things or the development of the health care system.

Future Neighbourhood

            In a few years, every gadget will be connected to the internet, thus will interchange data automatically. How we can keep in touch with peoples in future in different other ways is yet to discover.

How will Our Future Cities Look?

            When we imagine a future city. Do we see clean streets, flying cars and robots doing all the work? Will we use flying cars to avoid the rush-hour in the cities of the future? Or perhaps our vision is more dystopian, with a Big Brother style authoritarian regime, dark alleys full of crime, peoples forced to line hermetically scaled pools because of war or some other disaster. No one really knows what the future holds, but the reality now is that our urban spaces are overcrowded and polluted. Almost half of the world population currently lines in cities and by 2050 that is projected to increase to 75%, but what kind of city will they be living in?

            In my opinion, if I would imagine the future of the city, it will be full of greenery, clean streets, smarter traffic systems, less crowded and more full of life.

Some important points related to the future city :

  • Greenification – sustainability experts predict carbon neutral cities full of electric vehicles and bike sharing schemes with air quality so much improved.
  • There should be an operation center which is described as ‘nerve center’ of the city to help deal with the floods, coordinates government agencies and provide mobile applications to keep citizens in touch with potential accidents, traffic black spots, and other city updates.
  • In a modern city, a digital system and digital infrastructure are essential to manage.
  • Shrinking Realm of Necessity – Imagine a city where there are limits on unnecessary things. Realm of necessity could be shrunk significantly without any significant negative impact on a desirable realm of freedom.
  • New cities needed to sustain an ever growing population, and retrofits on the ones that we have lived in for centuries.
  • Technology has more power to help people live in communities. For eg. Bejing, notorious for air pollution is testing an 23 fit tall air purifier that vacuum up smog, fitters the bad particles and releases a clean air which would help peoples of future city to survive in the harsh environment.
  • Infrastructure design and urban planning is another most important part of the future of the city.
  • Improving efficiency of the cities by eliminating redundancies, finding ways to save money and streamlining workers responsibilities which can provide higher quality services at lower cost.
  • To design an innovative citywide solid waste management system for the future city that is safe, environmentally sound and energy efficient.
  • Enhancing the quality of life which covers a broad range of issues including housing and transportation, happiness and optimism, educational services, environmental conditions, and community relationships.
  • There should be a community-dwelling center to accommodate poor, roofless, downtrodden to be run on a cooperative model.
  • Cities are different and their future are not the same. All in all, to some cities it may be finding ways to relieve polluter or congestion and for others it is more about findings ways to make cities greener. It is based on us that how we build our future city, “THE CHOICE IS OURS”.

“The Behaviour of a city is about the Behaviour of citizens.

Unless the system can become the fabric of their lives,

Nothing is going to change”.

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