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The Rome of America: Teotihuacan

At its peak, around 200 AD, Teotihuacan counted a population of well over 125,000, boasted hundreds of temples and palaces, and three massive pyramids named after the Sun, the Moon, and the Feathered Serpent (itself a symbol of the planet … Continue reading

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Rural-Urban Linkages: The Dynamics

While rural and urban areas are mostly separated by traditional administrative boundaries, they are nonetheless deeply interconnected through a variety of complex relationships. These relationships originate from the differing characteristics of the rural and urban territories, enabling each to complement … Continue reading

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Edge City Concept

Business environments can exist either within the central business district or outside the city. An area becomes an edge city when there is a concentration of firms, entertainment and shopping centers in a previously known rural or residential area. An … Continue reading

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Cities Need Trees to Survive

Trees improve the livability  and sustainability of our cities in many ways. For many years tree canopy in our urban areas has been decreasing. Large mature trees which reach the end of their lives are often replaced with smaller species. These replanted trees then struggle to … Continue reading

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