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Our Cities are Sinking?

Over-exploitation of groundwater resources is causing cities around the world to sink below sea-level. The problem is set to accelerate due to rapid urbanisation and climate change….. Roughly 83 million people is added to the world’s population every year. By … Continue reading

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The Rome of America: Teotihuacan

At its peak, around 200 AD, Teotihuacan counted a population of well over 125,000, boasted hundreds of temples and palaces, and three massive pyramids named after the Sun, the Moon, and the Feathered Serpent (itself a symbol of the planet … Continue reading

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Rural-Urban Linkages: The Dynamics

While rural and urban areas are mostly separated by traditional administrative boundaries, they are nonetheless deeply interconnected through a variety of complex relationships. These relationships originate from the differing characteristics of the rural and urban territories, enabling each to complement … Continue reading

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Edge City Concept

Business environments can exist either within the central business district or outside the city. An area becomes an edge city when there is a concentration of firms, entertainment and shopping centers in a previously known rural or residential area. An … Continue reading

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