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Urban Settlements/Systems Defined

A Human Settlement is a place where people live and interact through activities such as agriculture, trading and entertainment A rural settlement system is a community involved predominantly primary activities such as farming, lumbering and mining. An urban settlement system engages … Continue reading

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Jungle in Heart of the City:Aligarh, India

  Forest are a luxury in the cities.They act as green belts in the industrious and often polluted crowded atmosphere  of the city.These  are preservers of urban biodiversity which is important for  a modern resilient city.Urban green belts are considered … Continue reading

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Silt: Environmental Impact

Silt is granular material of a size  between sand and clay.Silt particles range between 0.0039 and 0.0625 mm, larger than clay but smaller than sand particles. ISO 14688 grades silts between 0.002 mm and 0.063 mm.The origin trace back to whose is quartz and feldspar. … Continue reading

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Our Future Cities Must be Designed to Perform like Ecosystems

Cities are no longer closed loop systems, they are now linear and open ended. Since they are constantly expanding, if no full circles are achieved, it means the waste produced in the end would accumulate – and there are several … Continue reading

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