Settlement Geography

Subject Matter

Approaches to the Study


Our Urban Realm Turning into Big Slum?

Slums are Manifestation of Urban Poverty

Trends and Patterns of Urbanization

Archaeological Discoveries from Nile Valley

Archaeological Discoveries of Indus Valley

First Urbanization in India:Indus Valley

Rural Urban Continuum 

Early Urban Hearths

Age of Town Scheme of Griffith Taylor and an Asian Perspective from Chanakya’s Arthashastra

Von Thunen Model

Multiple Nuclei Model

Concentric Zone Model

Classification of Cities by Chauncy D. Harris

 Howard Nelson’s Classification of Cities

Problems of Cities

Settlement Planning


Urban Systems


Process,Pattern and Functions of Human Settlement

Village: Basic Unit of Settlement

Rural Settlements in India

Traditional Settlement Patterns in Rural India and Need For Settlement Planning

Types and forms of rural houses in India

Some Shelters For Natural Disasters

A New Urban Order