Future City by Syed Aiyazuddin

            It is so visionary to anticipate what the cities of the future will look like. According to me Future city may be defined as an imagined city that possesses highly desirable or nearly perfect morphology and qualities for its citizens. I envision my futuristic city would be as a model which would serves and inspire others to emulate it. A city holds a wave of evolutionary changes in terms of infrastructure, economy, innovation, technology, environment and social aspects.

            City would based on super-modern technologies, automobiles, electronic communication, underwater houses, congestion free, self driving vehicles, air buses and cars, no roads, No concept of rural, welfare city, buildings having with same height, constructed with same materials, equal in size and virtually identical in appearance. City would based on equality in economics, government and justice, a city of equals; not haves and have-nots. Mentally and energetically, I’d go insane if I lived in a city that did not allow me to connect to nature, for that I considered ecological sustainability. The fundamental values and concepts would be a high degree of individual freedom, high degree of individual responsibility, voluntary cooperation, Mutual aid, freedom of association and freedom to disassociate, personal development, creative innovation, dealing openly with emotional and sexual issues and healing the rift between the sexes. In short, I want a futuristic city whose dual goals were broad in terms of physical, social,cultural, economical, political and most importantly in terms of infrastructural development and morphological outlook of the city.

            I would first outline my vision for future city. In regards to the Physical Outlook, I envision an urban city which is ecologically sustainable, or environmentally friendly designs and practices, organic gardening, green belts, parks, incorporating of solar heating and cooling features into all buildings, pedestrian/bicycle friendly. Sewage disposal/recycling and active solar designs, organic agriculture projects. Multiple land use pattern for different activities, eliminate sprawl, No pollution, Automobile free zone. In order to operate city Economically everyone pay an equal amount for the city (food, rent, utilities etc.) There would be income and wealth sharing amongs the peoples of the city. Healing the rift between the sexes and building a society based on partnership rather than domination. Multi-commercial buildings, offices in every cluster of the city. As to Education I would prefer a free school environment, rather than forcing children to endure captivity in public indoctrination centers. The competition of grades and position would be eliminated. Development of self critical thinking, Rational and technological arts and science, In terms of Morphological outlook of the city would be so different from those at present. I envision High density living but in a arranged manner, ecological cities, more livable city houses, concept of road transformed into Air Routes, water Routes and underground phases I, II, III etc. well developed footpath way. Automatic Button system in every aspects in the city such as market, offices, school, transport, open spaces, automobile free zones. Transformation landuse from Agriculture to Residential depends on movable cities buildings, shops, offices etc. social interaction,

  • Dwellings are within a 2-3 minute walk of the center.
  • Transit stop would be located at the houses roof depending of where people want to go.
  • No poor rich apartments/Houses separation. All live same, because all have equal things in every aspects.
  • Parks, playground accessible to every dwelling not beyond the city cluster.
  • Streets within the neighborhood form an air network connection.
  • Houses on trees, Branches for holidays, picnic etc.
  • Parking lots usually on the terrace, whenever necessary it comes automatic, just by pressing button located on the terrace.
  • Buildings for community meetings, cultural activities i.e. civic buildings.

Things that I would not considered in my future city :

  • No Roads, but pedestrian pathway.
  • No crimes, pollution, competition, rich-poor etc.
  • No rural activity, but it will transformed into urban pattern i.e. urban agriculture.
  • No self-dependent on driving, rather it will operate atomaticlaly.
  • People relax in the offices, robotic system operate everything, only the guideline is given by the person.
  • No any urban Hierarchy system in the city like city Megacity Megaloplis etc. only a city concept although it will have everything that a Megalopolis could considered.
  • No  different size of buildings, colours, height etc.
  • City not located static on any site but it could be dynamic, movable from one site to another.
  • No grid pattern in the city, depending upon the uses increases or decrease the areas under the activities.
  • Socially culturally and politically not rigid system but flexible only.
  • Every areas have green spaces, not a particular site.
  • Things will available same all there, price etc.

Morphology of Future City:

            After being a nomad for so many years, it was hard to change the earth handscape however due to different ideas, innovation skills, technology, infrastructure development and hand subdivision the human settlements came into existence. Therefore, the city building processes emerge over long periods through the successive generations of building activity. Human settlement and the process of their formation and transformation is not static but dynamic. The spatial structure of the landscape change with the passage of time. Morphology of the city emphasise the relationship between components of the city and its geometry/pattern, forms, structure. Such as streets, pedestrian ways, open spaces, density of settlements and activities, infrastructure facilities, roads, transports etc. There are also variety of elements which connects physical outlook of the city. Following are chief elements under which I considered my future city will look like :

  1. Infrastructure :Infrastructure refers to the fundamental facilities and systems serving a city or area. Including the service and facilities necessary for its economy to function, such as roads, electricity, water, sewage, communication, basic livelihood of their cities and business etc.

(a) Buildings/Settlements Morphology :

  • Cities buildings are planned to locate underground, underwater, desert or inaccessible are (in the sky or float on the sea).
  • Skyscrapers were living and offices with floating greenhouses or may be high rise vegetable patches. Green roofs through vertical farming/gardening.
  • Buildings would be in circular shape like cluster, web and movable just like a spring and swinging buildings.
  • There would be one building with big nucleus, under which thousands of buildings will accommodate.
  • Disaster protected buildings. Disaster Management taken care of.
  • Buildings consume sun energy and transfer into power which would utilize by the flying cars/buses also.
  • No congestion among the building space density. Their capacity would be maximum.
  • The land use under buildings, houses, Apartments etc. have multiple uses, may be changed/moved whenever other activities likely to be performed there (eg. at the time agriculture the buildings must be raise above or shifted to barren areas and when cultivation got over, again building shift to that place).
  • Buildings exists entirely off the grid.
  • Anti smog towers with nonpolluting properties, photosynthesis towers covered in algae and vertical farming oriented ‘Farm scrapers’
  • Buildings/Houses should not longer suitable to certain location/location free (Desert, water, air, disaster prone area).
  • Four segments/lobes and each similar in form and function contributes the complete city.
  • Non-residential areas are reserved for various infrastructure requirements i.e. for heavy industry and parking.
  • Utility areas are located at the extremities of the city as they require direct access to rapid transit (e.g. underground rocket system; within a minutes).
  • Each city size for accommodation as large as 3 to 5 million.
  1. Transport/Vehicles :
  • Underwater train, buses, cars.
  • Air buses, cars, bicycles
  • No concept of Roads, Highways
  • Underground rocket transit system of transport, which will take couples of min. to reach out any destination
  • Submarine transit for underwater entertainment centers.
  • Traffic system will not be there, self driving cars, buses etc.
  • Robotic control system, Monitoring and automation.
  • Happy transport system, can take any vehicle, all will cost the same but distance matter.
  • High quality public transportation
  • No traffic congestion
  • No carbon. Transports would run through solar or winds or Moon’s light
  • Parking facilities also available in the sky.
  1. Sanitation :
  • Water no longer problem, technology would possible the Man-made rainfall, oceanic water easily purificable.
  • No food shortage. There will be no housing shortage it will be reduced. Through vertical farming, desert oasis farming the shortage of food will fulfill the demands of the peoples.

Elements which would make my future city possible and liveable :

  • Multiple landuse.
  • Science & Technology.
  • Management (waste, Energy and water)
  • Pedestrian zones.
  • Transport & communication.
  • Incorporation of nature within a city.
  • Sustainable use, produce and consume.
  • Legibility and way finding
  • Animation
  • Aesthetics
  • Welfare development
  • Function & fit
  • Civil society
  • Open space
  • Connected network of all the phenomena.
  • Traffic, congestion control system

Major Dimension of my future city :

  • Four cluster
  • Air Transportation
  • Commercial complexes
  • Green space, open space
  • Inner transportation service – Airways
  • Outer –underground
  • Underground Rapid Transit
  • No Road system
  • Energy in the form of solar wind and moon.
  • No pollution, Multiple landuse function
  • Buildings can be move and perform cultivation and their placed again.


U.G.R.T. (Underground Rocket Transportation System)

 It provide very fast travelling cost, few minutes. We cover distance of thousands kilometers.

Four cluster of human settlement. In this we can have all the facilities.

Air buses, cars for short driving

Market places, offices, commercial complexes

Morphology of Future city : 

Underwater city : as we know water contain 97% of the earth and our population is increasing, in future if this population becomes so high, so I order to cope up with that situation I would considered, underwater public home.

  • City floats onwater
  • Entirely off the grid
  • Sustainable to land
  • Fully self-contained city that floats on the water’s surface during good weather and like submarine, when get rough.

Morphology of Future city : Over space

 Code show, the building types, one should enter in the space city and press the above letter and automatic. She entered into the buildings.

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