Future City Plan by Afzal Nadeem Siddiqui

How will our Future Cities Look?

            Imagine a city of the future. Do you see clean streets, flying cars and Robots doing all the works?

            No one really knows what the future holds, but the reality now is that our urban spaces are overcrowded and polluted.

            With the half world’s population currently living in urban areas cities are key to the future of sustainable development.

Background :

            With over half the World’s population living in cities, the 21st century has been described as the urban century. It is estimated that 75% of the global population will be living in cities by 2050.

            The time is ripe, says experts to start designing smarter urban environments both new cities needed to sustain an ever-growing population, and retrofits on the ones that we have lived in centuries.

            So here is the plan for our future sustainable cities.

Infrastructure :

  1. Remote Monitoring and Proper Management for Building: Wireless building energy monitoring systems allow all existing building to be remotely monitorable and controlled to minimize energy use and identify a hot spot for action.
  2. Sky Scrapers: This type of building will help in a great way to maximize land usage. It will help with urban planning and can be utilized to control population density.
  3. Airy Rooms: Our future buildings rooms must be built in such a way that each rooms receives proper sunlight. Proper passage for inlet of fresh air.
  4. Better Security System : Inplantment of hi-tech cameras and modern equipment to prevent theft issues and provide proper security to citizens and for their assets.
  5. Water Harvesting Systems: As we are facing the problem of availability of fresh water. As we know that our cities water table has reached its minimum level. In future, our building should have proper Rain Water harvesting system that will reduce the problem of deficient of water.
  6. Terrace Parts: We can utilize over massive building terrace into the park. It is a great way to maximize the land usage and the people will not need to travel kilometers to visit the park.
  7. Terrace Farming: We can create a small soil field on our building terrace and used that building terrace for sowing vegetables. So the people will have access to fresh vegetable.
  8. Climate Resilience: It should go without saying these days that planning requirement for the built environment includes protection from weather extremes: overheating flooding and storms.

Transportation :

  1. Water cities : In future we can plant accelerators lane, which be connected to the main streams of city and spread all over the city, this initiative will make travelling easy in the city and people will less dependent on vehicle.
  2. Air Taxies: In future, air cars can be launch to reduce traffic burden. The most important advantage will be that it will reduce time taken in travelling. Passenger can travel a long distance in a short period of time.
  3. Sustainable Charging Station: This will encourage people to buy electric cars and bikes. People will use an electric vehicle instead of using fuel vehicle.


Pollution :

  1. Verticle Gardens: For controlling pollution we can plant ventricle garden in our cities on flavor, building, terrace.

* It will reduce urban heat island effect and smog.

* Cleans outside air of pollutant and dust and offset the carbon footprint of people and fuel emission.

* Acts as a soundproofing barrier.

* Increase biodiversity by creating habitat for bird and insects.

* Can be used to grow food such as small fruit, vegetable and herbs in urban setting, creating sustainable and local control of food sources.

  1. Less dependency on fuel: Modern vehicle should be made which runs on electricity, or solar energy et5c. which will leads to decrease used of fuel. Ultimately which will decrease pollutions.

Amusement :

  1. Air Restaurant: For fantastic amusement, air Restaurant can be opened so that the public can enjoy and have a different experience.
  2. Modern Multiplex: Modern types of multiplex can be opened in the future where the movie is shown in 7-D progress the public can delight a unique experience.
  3. The robot as a Maid: In future, the technology would be so advance that will make every work very easy. In future lame work of people. People will buy Robot and keep them on the place of Maid.

Energy :

  1. Local Energy : Community energy and district heating schemes combined heat and power, heat pumps (whether ground or water source) should all be encouraged.
  2. Anaerobic digestion : More power can generate from anaerobic digestion of organic and green waste to produce natural gas that may be injected into the mains used in local network combined heat and power plant or to power transport.
  3. Solar Energy : More dependency on solar energy which will help in following ways:

It will reduce electricity bills

Low maintenance cost

It can be used for diverse purposes

It is a Renewable Energy.

Health Facilities :

  1. Better Health Facilities: In future cities, the health facilities would be par different now. We will have modern machinery which will help to cure dangerous disease.
  2. Air Ambulance on lost fare: In our future city, facilities of air ambulance would be available on important point of cities at very low fare.
  3. Maternal Mortality rate in India’s was 167 (which is quite high) in 2016.

Infant Mortality rate of India’s was 37 per 1000 live birth in 2015 which is too high.

In future we can decrease these data by using Virtual Communication on like Hologram technique.

            By this we can provide better doctor management to pregnant women for delivery.

Communication :

  1. Devices that can translate languages in real time are allowing people from different countries and culture to communicate without the need for an Interpreter.
  2. In the distant future, we may be able to communicate by sending our thought through a network directly into someone else’s brain.
  3. 8-D communication. In the future, the communication pattern will fully change, people will carry a modern phone, which would have a Hologram technique. And communication would as realistic as face to face.

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