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Evolution of Modern Nation States: From Chiefdom to States

Some horticultural societies of the past developed more intensive agricultural subsistence patterns when their populations grew into the thousands.  As this interrelated economic and populational transition occurred, they were forced to create a new level of political integration in order … Continue reading

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Re-Imaging the City by Maheen Naaz

            Thinking about the future is no easy task to accomplish, as we don’t know what is going to come up in the following years. However, there is a lot of interest in such question that what a future city … Continue reading

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Mumbai: A City of Class Divide

Mumbai is a city laden with class divide. An American photographer, through drone photography, has brought into clear focus the stark divide between the rich and poor in India’s financial capital. An Urban Jungle On his official website, Miller describes … Continue reading

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Population Patterns of North America:Where Did the First People in North America Came From

The Question which first arises is-Where did the first people in North America came from? According to one theory, nomads crossed land bridge from Asia to Alaska and settled in N. America. According to another theory, nomads from Central and … Continue reading

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