Geography Study Material for NTA-NET & IAS Exams

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Paper I & II




Agents of Erosion

Cycle of Erosion


River Capture,  Limestone(Karst),

Limestone Topography, Limestone Caves

Plate Tectonics,

Plate Boundaries and Mid-Oceanic Ridge,

Earthquake and Plate Tectonics,

Landforms of Glaciation,

Alfred Wegner’s Great Contribution,

Mass Movement/Mass wasting/Slope Movement


What Causes Earthquakes?,

New View of Tectonic Plates Through Computer Modeling of Earth’s Mantle FlowPlate Motions, and Fault Zones

Heat of The Earth:Where Does it Come From?

Volcanoes, Oceanic Volcanoes , Hotspot Volcanoes

Volcanic Landscapes

Distribution of Volcanic Activity

Ring of Fire

Why Ring of Fire Exists

Magma,  Anatomy of Magma

Desert Related Terms


Floodplain , Story of Formation of A Waterfall

Hydrological Cycle

Alluvial Fan




Temperature Inversion and its Affects

Koppen’s Classification of Climate

Jet Streams, Weather and Flights

We Need to Pull Carbon Out of the Atmosphere to Save The Planet,

Dust in Earth’s atmosphere is increasing and contributing to climate change,

Layers of Atmosphere:Ionosphere,

Layers of Earth’s Atmosphere,

 Barometric Pressure and Why it Matters

   Air Masses ,

Air Fronts,

Wind:Causes and Mechanism

 Oceanography & Bio Geography

Ocean Deposits

Coral Reefs Types,

 Coral Reefs are the “Rainforests” of the ocean ,

Reefs in India,

Ocean Currents

Temperature of Ocean Water

Salinity in Oceans ,

Ocean Currents and Climate

Difference Between an Ocean and a Sea

Coral Reef Formation

Coral Atolls are Now Blamed for Sea Level Rise

Ocean Currents and Climate, Salinity in Oceans

  Pollution,  Ground Water Pollution,

Pollution and Acid Rain

Water Pollution

Geographic Thought

The art of map-making and some rare maps of the south asia and Sindh 140 AD to 1808 AD

Muslim Travelers and Mapmakers during the Middle Ages

The Muqaddimah of Ibn Khaldūn

Eratosthenes:Measurement of the Earth’s circumference

Ibn Khaldun: Great Thinker and Philosopher

Map Making

 Population  & Settlement Geography

Zero Population Growth and Environment

Population and Migration

Hierarchies of Settlements

City is going to village:Gautam Bhatia in TOI

Pros and Cons of Urbanization


Primate City

Urban sprawl: India’s slumming ‘n’ shining

Settlement Patterns in Ancient India

Rural Settlement Systems in India

What is smart about smart cities? A response from the global south

Britain’s Greying Population

Advanced Reading

Urban Planning for City Leaders

Urban Biodiversity is Important in Modern 

 Economic Geography

Natural Resources: Definition and Classification

Iran to India Natural Gas Pipeline

Political/Social/Cultural geography

Nation State:Fundamental Unit of Political Power

Races and Tribes

Tribes in India

Races in India( Guha’s Classification)

Angami Tribe

Toda People of India

Pygmies:African Peoples of the Rainforest

Remote tribe uses high-tech protection

Naga Tribe

Gonds of India

Santhal:Largest Tribal Community in India

Bishnoi Tribe in India

Earliest Traces of Aged, Disabled Human Found

Gujjar Tribe

 Regional Planning

Planning Regions of India

Planning History 

Hierarchcial Levels of Planning

Concept of Region in Geography

Historical Region: A Geographical Concept Beyond Nationalities

Geography and Culture:Culture Region

Paleogeographic Regions

Geography of India

Nuclear Power in India: Some Facts

Issues,Priorities and Challenges for Indian Agriculture:A Worldbank View

Farming Systems:Indian Scenario

India’s Green Revolution:Successes, Failures and Second Green Revolution

Rice Farming in India: A New Method

Top 15 cities of India : GDP Wise

10 least populated Cities in the Land of Populous Cities

Some Notable Cities of India Situated along Rivers

Green Belts in Indian Cities

India’ Future in Agriculture

Indian agriculture: Worldbank View

Industrial Regions of India

 Cartography & Statistical Methods


Mercator’s Projection

10 Great Sites for Satellite Maps

Some Basic Facts about Maps from an Old Book

Joshua Miele’s Maps for The Blind

Maps that changed the world

Microsoft launches Live Search Maps for India

Grid Systems for Maps

MetaCarta Launches Blog to Discuss How Geography and Maps Are Transforming the Internet

The art of map-making and some rare maps of the south asia and Sindh 140 AD to 1808 AD

Satellite Internet: An Aid to Geography


(You can buy these online)

Introducing Physical Geography

Physical Geography by Strahler & Strahler

Principles of Geomorphology by W D Thornbury

Physical Geography-Made Simple, Rupa Publisher

Physical Geography in Diagrams by Bunnett

Physical Geography by Savindra Singh

Geomorphology by Savindra Singh



Climatology by DS Lal

General Climatology by Critchfield

Physical Geography-Made Simple, Rupa Publisher


Oceanography by Sharma & Vatal,


Physical Geography by Savindra Singh


Physical Geography-Made Simple

Evolution of Geographic Thought by Majid Husain 

Certificate Physical and Human Geography


NCERT Objective Geography (Hindi)

Urban geography-A Global Perspective


Hindi Articles

अक्षांश, देशांतर, ताप कटिबन्ध और समय निर्धारण का तरीका

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