Some Desert Related Geographic Terms


Erosion of bedrock by continuous friction caused by sand or rock fragments in water, wind, and ice.


When many alluvial fans that have joined together, the resulting landform is called Bajada.


Depression in Earth’s surface with no outlet for water.


Reduction in the mass or volume of something by applying pressure.


The highest point or level; summit.


The lowering of the land surface after the removal of fine-grained particles by the wind.


Formed or deposited by the action of the wind.


A vast area deeply covered with sand and topped with dunes.


The gradual peeling and weathering away of Earth surfaces through the action of wind and water.


A channel cut into Earth’s surface by running water, especially after a heavy rain.


On or toward the side facing away from the wind.


The jumping movement of sand caused by the wind.


Fine earthy particles smaller than sand carried by moving water and deposited as a sediment.

Slip face:

The steep sloped side of a dune that faces away from the wind.

Surface creep:

Rrolling and pushing of sand and slightly larger particles by the wind.


A stone or bedrock surface that has been shaped or eroded by the wind.


On or toward the side facing into the wind.


Underground Water Channels in Arid Zones.

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