Study of Paleogeographic Regions Through Maps

 Paleogeographic regions are the geographic regions which existed in ancient time. The study of these regions show us a glimpse of evolution of earth and life on earth.They help us to trace back the evolution process.They give us an account of origin of agriculture on earth. Paleogeography is the study of the geography of the ancient Earth.  These regions are reconstructed on maps by plotting data and interpretations from the geologic literature and then painting them to look like satellite views of Earth’s past.

We draw Paleogeographic maps to study these regions.We categorise and study them. Paleogeographic maps show extensive geologic data over time.  This may be their single greatest value. They also show this data in a way that is interpretable to non-geologists also. When used in time sequence, they show trend and pattern through geologic time. They readily display distribution of ancient geologic features at the surface of the Earth. They teach both geologists and non-geologists broad patterns of Earth history. They help satisfy our curiosity concerning what the Earth used to look like . They are our window to earlier times.

The paleogeographic maps are arranged into several series that show how Earth or regions of the Earth may have appeared at various increments of time (“time slices”). Global views and their derivatives were prepared from rectangular projections .

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