India’s Future in Agriculture


It is said that India is an agricultural country.Though origin of agriculture is credited to South West Asia, India is one of the pioneers.

It is often said that young people are shying away from agriculture.That is not always the case. Here you can see young students happily engaged in agriculture in West Uttar Pradesh in India. The scene looks interesting in the backdrop of recent GPS launch. India is a country where traditional and scientific activities go hand in hand.It is  positive for  sustainable development.

Farming scenario in India is not all good. Each region in India has a specific soil and climate that is only suitable for certain types of farming. Many regions on the eastern side of India experience less than 50 cm of rain annually, so the farming systems are restricted to cultivate crops that can withstand drought conditions and farmers are usually restricted to single cropping. The fact that irrigation infrastructure is not up to the mark adds to this problem.

An irony of Indian agriculture is that the people getting most of the financial benefit do not add any value to agriculture. Middle men accrue most of the benefits. This should be changed

Future Scenario

Vertical farming is fast catching up all over the world and in India. Soon these students may be seen happily engaged in agriculture in the heart of a metropolis.

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