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Contours: An Overview

Contour –  Contour is an imaginary line on ground joining points of equal or constant elevations. contours are important to draw the topographical maps in which vertical distances are also shown using the contour lines. Contour interval: Vertical distance between any … Continue reading

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China in Crisis? Climate Change, Water Contamination Looming Threats

Guest essay by Eric Worrall China’s environmental and food logistics problems may be far worse than they are letting on. China’s hunger for soybeans is a window into an encroaching environmental crisis 09.25.18 BY JEFF NESBIT How China’s desperate efforts … Continue reading

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Mumbai: A City of Class Divide

Mumbai is a city laden with class divide. An American photographer, through drone photography, has brought into clear focus the stark divide between the rich and poor in India’s financial capital. An Urban Jungle On his official website, Miller describes … Continue reading

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Five Early Urban Hearths

The Urban Systems started early. There were many reasons and factors of early Urban Development. The early urban development started in some pockets and regions. Here five early hearths of urban development are listed and briefly discussed. Mesopotamia The first … Continue reading

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