Mumbai: A City of Class Divide

Mumbai is a city laden with class divide. An American photographer, through drone photography, has brought into clear focus the stark divide between the rich and poor in India’s financial capital.

An Urban Jungle


Image Clicked by Me

On his official website, Miller describes Mumbai as “an urban jungle, a vertical aerie for the superrich, and a fragile marine ecosystem” where “informal recyclers (Rag Pickers often works as India’s Informal Waste Disposal System)  in Dharavi exist within sight of the National Stock Exchange, traditional fishermen moor their boats in the shadows of skyscrapers in Worli, and leopards prowl the Sanjay Ghandi National Park on the city’s northern flank”.

The images are part of Miller’s ‘Unequal Scenes’ project which he describes as a means to


Worli Sea Link Clicked by Me

“provoke a dialogue to address the issues of inequality and disenfranchisement in a constructive and peaceful way”. As part of the project, Miller, has also captured the class divide in Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, the US and Mexico, over a span of past two years.

A strange mix

Miller’s website describes the area surrounding the Bandra Kurla complex as a mixture of extreme wealth and extreme poverty that houses the consulate generals of several countries, corporate headquarters, and the National Stock Exchange.


Economic Times (Mnillers Image Can be Seen here)

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