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Rural-Urban Continuum: The Concept

Rural- urban continuum is  the merging of town and village.The concept is a term used in recognition of the fact that there is rarely, either physically or socially, a sharp division, a clearly marked boundary between the two, with one … Continue reading

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Can yoga help us achieve sustainable development goals?

Originally posted on Shonil Bhagwat:
From Shonil Bhagwat explains the yogic way of understanding how individual actions relate to global challenges. The International Day of Yoga – 21 June 2018 As a spiritual practice, cosmic energy is important in yoga.…

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Defining City Region

City region is a metropolitan area and its  hinterland, often having a shared administration. It denotes a city, conurbation or urban zone with multiple administrative districts, but sharing resources like a central business district, labour market and transport network such that it functions as a single unit. City … Continue reading

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Dimensions of Smart City

The city is built layer by layer. There are many attributes separated in many features of the city singularly considered smart” and not holistically. Giffinger et al. (2007) identified four fields of realization of a “smart city”: industry, education, participation, … Continue reading

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