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Our Cities are Sinking?

Over-exploitation of groundwater resources is causing cities around the world to sink below sea-level. The problem is set to accelerate due to rapid urbanisation and climate change….. Roughly 83 million people is added to the world’s population every year. By … Continue reading

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Concept of Animism

Animism is the idea that all things—animate and inanimate—possess a spirit or an essence. First coined in 1871, animism is a key feature in many ancient religions, especially of indigenous tribal cultures. Animism is a foundational element in the development … Continue reading

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Advantage of Cross Tabulation with Chi Square

 Chi square or Pearson’s chi- square test, is any statistical hypothesis, which is used to determine whether there is a significant difference between expected frequencies and the observed frequencies in one or more category. An important consideration when cross tabulating … Continue reading

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Tourism Planning: Overview and Importance

What is tourism planning? …. And What is Planning per se. Planning is to prepare a Road Map to achieve goals. The principal phases of an urban planning process are: Preparatory / exploration phase Feasibility/planning phase Formal planning/zoning phase Design … Continue reading

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