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Biosphere Reserves of India

The Indian government has established 18 biosphere reserves in India,(categories roughly corresponding to IUCNCategory V Protected areas), which protect larger areas of natural habitat (than a National Park or Animal Sanctuary), and often include one or more National Parks or preserves, along with buffer zones that … Continue reading

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Channel Morphology

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Guest Post:Seven Wonders of the World

Guest Post by Kadamb Sachdeva The campaign Seven Wonders of the World was started in 2000 to choose the Wonders of the world from the 200 existing monuments. This campaign was organized by the New7Wonders Foundation based in Zurich, Switzerland and … Continue reading

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How Can We Ethically Design with Nature?

THE DIRT With the line between human and natural environments becoming increasingly blurred, how can we ethically design with ecological systems? One session at the Society for Ecological Restoration‘s conference in Madison, Wisconsin, examined the ethics of ecological restoration and … Continue reading

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