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Originally posted on Will Pooley:
I sometimes wonder what outsiders think archival research is like. The message blasting from mass culture is not reassuring. From the ‘archaeologist’ Indiana Jones to Dan Brown’s ‘symbologist’ Robert Langdon, audiences are told that archive…

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चन्द्र ग्रहण

साधारणतः पूर्णिमा की रात को चंद्रमा पूर्णतः गोलाकार दिखाई पड़ना चाहिए, किन्तु कभी-कभी अपवादस्वरूप चंद्रमा के पूर्ण बिम्ब पर धनुष या हँसिया के आकार की काली परछाई दिखाई देने लगती है. कभी-कभी यह छाया चाँद को पूर्ण रूप से ढँक … Continue reading

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Should we be worried about the US withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement?

Originally posted on Shonil Bhagwat:
From Campaign for Social Science Last week’s Queen’s Speech confirmed that despite the path chosen by the US, the UK would honour the Paris Agreement. Here Shonil Bhagwat, Senior Lecturer in Geography at the Open…

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The Four Class-System (Chaturvarn Vyavastha) of Indian Society

Originally posted on જગતનો વા (Worldly Wosdom):
I happened to write on the above mentioned subject on Mr. Bhupendrasinh Raol’s Blog – Kurukshetra as a reply on one of his posts (“Manu-Smruti Adhyay 2/1”) and the same was published as an article…

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