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Discontinuities Inside the Earth

Earth’s interior is made of different kinds of materials. Each of  those materials are different from each other by their physical and chemical properties, such as temperature, density etc. Unique layers are there according to their characteristics inside the earth. … Continue reading

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New Book: America’s Urban History

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I hope readers interested in the history of the American city will check out America’s Urban History, co-authored with Steven H. Corey of Columbia College, Chicago. America’s Urban History, Routledge The history of the…

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Earliest Pyu settlements and the ancient India China trade route through Myanmar

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Tagaung has always been considered as the first Pyu city state (Myanmar began with Tagaung ျမန္မာ အစ တေကာင္းက) according to Myanmar chronicles but the evidence of pre Bagan artifacts were only discovered not long…

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In Five Years Delhi and Other Indian Cities Will Growt Fastest in Asia

Delhi will have the fastest growth of any city in Asia, with the economy to be almost 50 percent larger in 2021 than it was at the end of last year. Indian cities are set to expand the most across … Continue reading

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