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The ice edge is a high-risk environment for Arctic industries

Originally posted on Geography Directions:
By Siri Veland and Amanda Lynch, Brown University Near shore sea ice from Barrow, Alaska June, 2014. (C) Siri Veland Expectations of receding, thawing and melting of the Arctic have prematurely driven investments and geopolitical negotiation…

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Whither the Creative City? The Comeuppance of Richard Florida

Originally posted on urbanculturalstudies:
Talent, Technology, and Tolerance, said Florida (2002), were the pre-conditions for a successful urban economy. Florida’s ‘creative class’ theory, much copied, emulated and critically maligned, delineated urban regions with ‘talent’ (PhDs); ‘technology’ (things like patents granted);…

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International Date Line: Line of Demarcation

The International Date Line (IDL) is an imaginary line on Earth’s surface defining the boundary between one day and the next. The International Date Line (IDL) on the map. The International Date Line is located halfway around the world from … Continue reading

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Migmatite : A Mixed Rock

  Migmatite is a rock that is a mixture of metamorphic rock and igneous rock. It is created when a metamorphic rock such as gneiss partially melts, and then that melt recrystallizes into an igneous rock, creating a mixture of the unmelted metamorphic part with the recrystallized igneous … Continue reading

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