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Impact of Urbanisation on Water Quality

There’s no end to the effects that urbanization can have on water bodies. Millions of people; landscape manipulation; waste material; dumping of chemicals and fertilizers; withdrawing water for peoples’ uses. As you expect, urbanization rarely improves water quality, but to … Continue reading

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Jaunpur: Sheeraz-e-Hind

Jaunpur is also known as Sheeraz-e-Hind. The  city was founded by the Sultan of Delhi Feroz Shah Tughlaq and named in memory of his cousin, Muhammad bin Tughluq, whose given name was Jauna Khan.In 1388, Feroz Shah Tughlaq appointed Malik Sarwar as the … Continue reading

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City States Preceded Nation States

City-state, a political system consisting of an independent city having sovereignty over contiguous territory and serving as a centre and leader of political, economic, and cultural life. The term originated in England in the late 19th century and has been … Continue reading

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Rapid Increase in Urban Population Calls for Innovative Solutions

It was year 2008, for the first time in history, more than half of humanity was living in urban areas.Now, there are pros and cons of this phenomenon. Perhaps the most remarkable observation about this trend is the speed at … Continue reading

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