Earliest Pyu settlements and the ancient India China trade route through Myanmar

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Tagaung has always been considered as the first Pyu city state (Myanmar began with Tagaung ျမန္မာ အစ တေကာင္းက) according to Myanmar chronicles but the evidence of pre Bagan artifacts were only discovered not long ago.

Lae Kaing လယ္ကိုင္း in Minbu မင္းဘူး – SaKu စကု township / ThunarParanta Taing သုနာပရ ႏၲ တိုင္း  has been mentioned in Myanmar chronicles to be in existence even earlier than Tagaung which was established first by AhBi Yarzar အဘိရာဇာ in the 15th century B.C. Pyu king Thambula of ThunarParanta / Lae Kaing was taken away by Dhanyawaddy army and there was no one to ascend the throne and rule at the time KanYarzarGyi ကံရာဇာၾကီး son of AhBi Yarzar arrived at the area.

Pyu artifacts have been found in Mann oil field near Minbu and recently a gold Pyu bracelet was found in Lae Kaing.

On 8-May 2012, a gold bracelet of Pyu era was found…

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