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Carnivore Species Shrank During Global Warming Event

A new University of Florida study indicates extinct carnivorous mammals shrank in size during a global warming event that occurred 55 million years ago.The study, scheduled to appear in the December print edition of the Journal of Mammalian Evolution and … Continue reading

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Drainage Basin

The land based part of the hydrological cycle is called the Drainage Basin System. A drainage basin is the name given to the area of land which is drained by a river. When water reaches the surface there are a … Continue reading

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New View of Tectonic Plates Through Computer Modeling of Earth’s Mantle Flow, Plate Motions, and Fault Zones

Computational scientists and geophysicists at the University of Texas at Austin and the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) have developed new computer algorithms that for the first time allow for the simultaneous modeling of Earth’s mantle flow, large-scale tectonic plate … Continue reading

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Sinabung erupts in Sumatra

Mount Sinabung volcano on Sumatra erupted shortly after midnight local time on 29 August 2010, producing lava and throwing ash 1500 metres above the summit. Local inhabitants fleeing their homes have spoken of ’thick black smoke, small stones and sulphur’ … Continue reading

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