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India Facing Worst Water Crisis In History, Nearly 60 Crore People Affected: Niti Aayog Report

  According to Niti Aayog, India is facing worst Water Crisis .The Minister of State for Jal Shakti & Social Justice Empowerment, Rattan Lal Kataria on Monday, December 9 in Rajya Sabha said that India is facing a severe water … Continue reading

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Watershed: An Area of Land that Drains Water to the Lowest Point

Everyone lives, works or plays in a watershed. What is a Watershed  An area of land that drains water to the lowest point—a river, stream, lake, or ocean. It  is an area of land that catches rain and snow and … Continue reading

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बारिश किस चिड़िया का नाम?:जल-संकट-2 (साबलखेड़-योगिता के गांव)

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हम सबको बारिश बहुत अच्छी लगती है न! सिनेमा के परदे पर जब नायक बारिश में भीगता हुआ नायिका के सामने प्रेम-प्रस्ताव रखता है, हम उसमें अपने-आप को ढूंढने लगते हैं. अगर आप उत्तर भारतीय हैं…

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Qanats: Underground Aqueducts- A reliable Source of Water in Arid Climate

 Qanat are series of well-like vertical shafts, connected by gently sloping tunnels. they create a reliable supply of water for human settlements and irrigation in hot, arid, and semi-arid climates.  Persians started constructed elaborate tunnel systems called qanats for getting groundwater in … Continue reading

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