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Gaia Hypothesis:Relationship of Biotic and Abiotic Environment

In 1965, J.E. Lovelock published the first scientific paper suggesting the Gaia hypothesis. The Gaia hypothesis states that the temperature and composition of the Earth’s surface are actively controlled by life on the planet. It suggests that if changes in … Continue reading

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Bananas Get Pepper Power

Despite their ubiquity in grocery stores and in cereal bowls, a number of diseases threaten bananas, and farmers often have no way to fight back. One reason is that bananas have lost their ability to produce fertile seeds, so they … Continue reading

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Mauritania plants trees to hold back desert

Mauritania has launched a tree-planting program aimed at protecting its capital from the advancing desert and coastal erosion, a project that could eventually extend thousands of kilometers across Africa. According to the government the aim of this green belt is … Continue reading

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