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Structure and composition of the Earth

What makes Earth unique? Soon after the Earth formed, unique processes occurred – division into metallic core, silicate mantle and crust – which, along with surface water, made it different from the other planets in our Solar System. The formation … Continue reading

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Magmatic processes and igneous intrusions

  Magma What is magma? Properties of magmas Chemical composition What is magma? Magma is hot molten mobile rock. Igneous rocks form when magma cools and solidifies. Magmas come out of active volcanoes as lavas. The most abundant magma is … Continue reading

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Metamorphism and metamorphic rocks

Introduction The word metamorphism comes from Greek and means ‘change of form’. Thus, metamorphic rocks are pre-existing rocks whose mineralogy and/or texture has been changed by processes within the Earth. Metamorphic rocks form because of changes in temperature and depth … Continue reading

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