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Ozone Hole

Ozone hole splits in two Hole over Antarctica also markedly smaller this year, scientists say False-color satellite imagery from Sept. 26 shows the double ozone hole as dark blue splotches around Antarctica. Click on the video button to watch an … Continue reading

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Volcanic Landforms,Volcanoes and Plate Tectonics

Volcanic Landforms Volcanic landforms are controlled by the geological processes that form them and act on them after they have formed. Thus, a given volcanic landform will be characteristic of the types of material it is made of, which in … Continue reading

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Volcanic Gases and Their Effects

Sulfur dioxide gas creates air pollution in Hawai’i Volcanic gases are the driving force of eruptions Magma contains dissolved gases that are released into the atmosphere during eruptions. Gases are also released from magma that either remains below ground (for … Continue reading

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Frontal or Cyclonic Rain

Frontal (or Cyclonic) Rain is caused by cyclonic activity and it occurs along the fronts of the cyclone. It is formed when two masses of air of different temperature, humidity and density meets. For example meeting of moisture laden warm … Continue reading

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