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Synthetic Aperture Radar

Environmental monitoring, earth-resource mapping, and military systems require broad-area imaging at high resolutions. Many times the imagery must be acquired in inclement weather or during night as well as day. Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) provides such a capability. SAR systems … Continue reading

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ISRO joins big league in space

Indian space agency continues its successful run, this week it placed in orbit an Israeli spy satellite launched under a commercial contract. This has propelled the Indian Space Research Organization or ISRO into the big league and its now well … Continue reading

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Putting the villages on the map in DR Congo

Hundreds of villagers are helping to map parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo where thick forest and conflict have prevented effective mapping. So far about 190 villages have been found in one area of Bandundu province where old maps … Continue reading

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Electromagnetic radiation at long wavelengths (0.1 to 30 centimeters) falls into a segment of the spectrum commonly called the microwave region. At still longer wavelengths (centimeters to meters) the radiation is known as radio waves (these can be generated by … Continue reading

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