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Wind Erosion

Wind erosion is a serious problem in many parts of the world. It is worse in arid and semiarid regions. Areas most susceptible to wind erosion on agricultural land include much of North Africa and the Near East; parts of … Continue reading

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CartoSat 2, 2A

ISRO is going to launch many satellites on April 28,2008. It will be a historic feet. A total of 10 satellite will be launnched. Cartosat is one of them. CartoSat 2 [ISRO] Cartosat-2 will be an advanced remote sensing satellite … Continue reading

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Urban Heat Island

What Is an Urban Heat Island? On warm summer days, the air in urban areas can be 6-8°F hotter than its surrounding areas. Scientists call these cities “urban heat islands.” Link to: High Temperatures What Are Problems with the “Heat … Continue reading

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Greenbelts and Rural-Urban Fringe

Greenbelts Greenbelts were established to prevent the continued growth of many of the largest cities of England and Scotland. They are rings of heavily protected open land circling an urban area. They aim to protect the surrounding countryside from development, … Continue reading

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