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Earth’s Center Is 1,000 Degrees Hotter Than Previously Thought:Cause of Earth’s Magnetic Field

Sciencedaily reports that Scientists have determined the temperature near the Earth’s centre to be 6000 degrees Celsius, 1000 degrees hotter than in a previous experiment run 20 years ago. It confirms a geophysical models that the temperature difference between the … Continue reading

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Measurement of Magnetic Field in Earth’s Core

A University of California, Berkeley, geophysicist has made the first-ever measurement of the strength of the magnetic field inside Earth’s core, 1,800 miles underground.The magnetic field strength is 25 Gauss, or 50 times stronger than the magnetic field at the … Continue reading

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Earth’s Mantle in Overdrive Under Alaska

A new 3-D model of the mega-quake and tsunami-launching subduction zone in Alaska has uncovered a big surprise: The Earth’s mantle there is moving a whopping 20 to 30 times faster than the crust. So instead of being dragged along … Continue reading

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A blast of solar wind is pummeling Earth’s magnetosphere, sparking the strongest geomagnetic storm so far this year.Though it registered a “7” on the 0-to-9 K-index scale of magnetic disturbances, the storm is expected to pass quickly. The silver lining, for … Continue reading

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