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Save The Earth — Hug A Logger

Climate Change: As environmental alarmists entertain themselves by turning off lights, their efforts sometimes lead to unintended consequences. A new study, for example, shows they may be warming the earth by saving trees. Read More: Global Warming The latest effort … Continue reading

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How Mountains Are Made

    Why are seashells found on Mt. Everest? Millions of years ago, Mt. Everest was not a mountain at all. It was underneath the ocean! A lot has changed since then. The outer skin of the earth – both … Continue reading

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Pyroclastic Flows and Their Effects

Mayon Volcano, Philippines What are pyroclastic flows? Pyroclastic flows are high-density mixtures of hot, dry rock fragments and hot gases that move away from the vent that erupted them at high speeds. They may result from the explosive eruption of … Continue reading

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Volcano Landslides

Start of landslide What are volcano landslides? Landslides are large masses of rock and soil that fall, slide, or flow very rapidly under the force of gravity. These mixtures of debris move in a wet or dry state, or both. … Continue reading

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