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Arctic Getting Wetter Due to Global Warming

In addition to heating up faster than almost anywhere else on the planet, the Arctic has gotten wetter and snowier because of global warming, according to a new study. The extra precipitation could freshen ocean water in the Arctic and … Continue reading

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The universe

The universe Introduction Origin of the universe Composition of the universe Galaxies Stars Importance of the sun Measuring astronomical objects Introduction The universe can be defined as the whole of existing things from the scale of sub-micron to outer space. … Continue reading

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Fog: A ground Level Cloud

Fog is a cloud in contact with the ground. Fog differs from other clouds only in that fog touches the surface of the Earth. The same cloud that is not fog on lower ground may be fog where it contacts … Continue reading

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Coral Reefs Types

Reef formation The prime reef builders are the stony or hard corals (subphylum Anthozoa). Reefs are formed by the skeletons of the tiny coral polyps. A coral polyps consist of a fleshy sack with a ring of tentacles which sits … Continue reading

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