Urban Heat Island

What Is an Urban Heat Island?

On warm summer days, the air in urban areas can be 6-8°F hotter than its surrounding areas. Scientists call these cities “urban heat islands.” Link to: High Temperatures

What Are Problems with the “Heat Island Effect?”

The higher temperatures in urban heat islands increases air conditioning and raises pollution levels. Link to: Air Quality and Energy Use

What Causes an Urban Heat Island?

Causes of the “heat island effect” include dark surfaces–that absorb more heat from the sun–and less vegetation that would provide shade and cool the air. Link to: Cool Roofs, Cool Pavements, and Vegetation

What Does the Heat Island Group Do?

The Heat Island Group’s research is very diverse and encompasses many areas. For an overview of our projects (updated in 1999), link to: Learn > Overview. For a review of our research (up to 1998), link to: Learn > 1998 Review.

The Heat Island Group also researches new cooling roofing materials. Link to: “Measurements and Database for Cool Roofing Materials”

How Can We Reduce the Heat Island Effect?

The Heat Island Group supports the development of cooler roofing and pavement materials as well as urban planting programs (see links above). The Heat Island Group also develops guideline standards to mitigate the heat island effect through regional and local building design codes. Link to: Learn > “Wholesale Technology Transfer: Standards”

What Would Be the Benefits of These Mitigation Measures?

As well as reduce the temperature, these measures would conserve energy and improve air quality. Link to: “Estimating Energy Saving Potentials of Heat Island Mitigation Measures” and Learn > “Meteorological and Air-Quality Modeling”

In addition, cooler pavements would also be more durable and may also be useful at nighttime. link to: “Benefits of Cooler Pavements”

What’s an Example of a Heat Island?

Los Angeles is a very severe heat island. The Heat Island Group has studied Los Angeles and its surrounding South Coast Air Basin extensively. Link to: Learn > L.A. Island


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