Delimitation of Umland

Umland is the Service Concept.Umland is one type of functional region and boundary or areas of the Umland is dependent on the following criteria:

  • The flow of Goods: The city gets raw material, laborers, agriculture products from Umland areas.
  • Services flow: People from Umland Areas avail services such as hospitals, schools, Transporation, communication, cinema and buy higher-order goods such as TV, Machines, AC from City.
  • People’s movement: From Umland areas, people visit daily to avail of goods and services.

Based on the above criteria, the following methods are used to delimitate the boundary of Umland:

  • Flow analysis
  • Gravitational analysis

Flow analysis:
Umland region of the boundary is marked by analyzing the flow of goods and services. 
The intensity of goods and services flow to increase when one gets close to the city.
The flow of goods and services get decreases when we go away from the city towards the outer boundary of Umland.
The boundary of Umland is marked where the flow of goods and services is zero.

Link(s) and Source(s):

Read Here, Here

Umland:Concept and Overview


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