Transport :How it is A Key for growth in cities

Good transport connections have direct benefits to people, businesses, the environment, and the overall economy. Early Roads were harbingers of Growth of Cities.

It Help people access jobs. 

The pattern of Transport decides how people commute to workplace.As jobs moved to suburbs, those without access to cars—including low-income workers and people with disabilities—lose out on employment opportunities. Good public transport system plays a vital role in people’s access to work.

Transport Support innovation, productivity and economic growth in cities and the national economy. 

Transportation has a broad role in shaping development and the environment. It is critical to sustained economic growth. because people want to improve their standard of living and they see  increased income as the way to achieve that goal, transportation system enhancement are in turns a means of maintaining or improving economic opportunities, quality of life and ultimately income for people in a particular region Lucas (1998)

It Help shape greener and healthier places. Transport is crucial for sustained economic growth and modernization of a nation.

Help cities attract new Business. 

Good Transport Infrastructure helps to Unlock new development sites for business and housing.It opens new vistas for development. Also helps to connect the dots. Synergy between two settlements create new commercial opportunities.

Investment in transportation infrastructure is critical to sustained economic growth. Mobility studies show that transportation is absolutely essential to economic productivity and remains competitive in the global economy.


Centre for Cities


Professor Mustafa Mukhtar Archives


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